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Tips for Surviving Bed Rest While Pregnant

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I love to read — it’s one of my favorite things to do, although I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I would like.

I honestly could sit and devour a whole book in a single sitting if I didn’t have other responsibilities.

When I heard my dear friend Cynthia Lockrey was releasing her first book, I was thrilled for her. How amazing!

I especially love the heart behind her book. Her goal is to help other moms and I think that’s wonderful.

Surviving Bed Rest While Pregnant

Cynthia was put on bed rest for a high-risk pregnancy with her first child. She was left with many questions and very few resources or answers.

After a second child and another bed rest, Cynthia decided to become the advocate she was looking for.

She wrote Bed Rest Mom to share her experiences, insights and stories from others that she met along the journey.

Cynthia becoming an advocate and writing this book doesn’t really surprise me.

She is a communications professional, corporate trainer and patient advocate. She’s spoken at conferences across Canada and has been a communications instructor at the university level. She also runs her own communications business.

The fact that she saw a lack of information and decided to advocate for that area is a natural fit for Cynthia!

Her goal with Bed Rest Mom is to help moms — and their support teams — know what to expect, what questions to ask their medical team and to also offer tips for surviving bed rest at home or in the hospital.

She also includes ideas for ways to provide routine during long bed rest days and tips for asking for help.

I had a very routine pregnancy with Sam — and I can still remember how many questions I had and the things that made me anxious.

I can only imagine what adding in additional needs like bed rest would add.

As Cynthia says, it’s called bed rest but it’s not restful. There are so many emotions and stresses for both mom and her team. While each women’s bed rest experience is unique, Bed Rest Mom offers universal ideas that any mom could benefit from.

I think this book would be a great resource for any expectant mom dealing with bed rest requirements. While she is getting great medical help, this will help make sure her mental well being is a focus as well.

Cynthia has a second book coming in September 2018. It’s called Your Child’s Voice: A Caregiver’s Guide to Advocating for Kids with Special Needs, Disabilities, or Others Who May Fall through the Cracks. I know it will be brimming with excellent information as well. 

If you are dealing with a bed rest during pregnancy, or know a mom who is, I highly recommend grabbing Bed Rest Mom as a resource and encouragement.

Kudos to you, Cynthia!

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