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Tips for Potty Training Boys

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I’m excited to share my tips for potty training boys in partnership with CVS Training Pants!

Tracking PixelMy first boy was a breeze to potty train. My second boy was slightly more challenging. My third boy was downright stubborn. I anticipated the process with Shay would be a breeze — he saw his brothers using the bathroom and I assumed he would want to do the same. Shay however had other plans. He enjoyed being the baby. He didn’t mind his diapers. Picking out his own underwear held little appeal to him. Thankfully, with a little persistence and some great tools, we’ve made it to the other side.

Tips for Potty Training Boys

Tips for Potty Training Boys

1. We started by talking a lot about using the bathroom. I encouraged Shay to recognize what it felt like when he needed to go.

2. I focused on being consistent. This meant we needed to choose a time when we would be home for several days to really be effective. This is no small feat when you’re a busy family! But I chose a window of time and turned down anything else during these days. Staying home and focusing on the bathroom helped Shay to be successful when we went in the “real world”.

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3. Utilize tools: find a toilet your child is comfortable with. This might mean a small potty, a seat for the regular toilet or a mini urinal — or even a combination.

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I also started using training pants instead of diapers or underwear while we transitioned. I’m impressed with CVS Training Pants — they have¬†refastenable sides with a comfy, all-around stretch for a great fit. They have special absorbent designs for both boys and girls that mean no leaks. I encouraged Shay to pay attention to the fading wetness indicator as well so he could see a visual if he had an accident. Plus, they’re convenient to pick up at CVS while running errands.

4. We found that offering a reward was beneficial. I also found that it varied with each boy. Shay got a little piece of chocolate for each successful bathroom trip, along with lots of praise.

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5. Finally, as I learned with Shay — patience is key. Obviously, we’d all prefer that potty training work out overnight. I remained calm and patient during the process, which helped Shay relax. Slow and steady wins the race!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CVS Training Pants.

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