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Themed Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Minbie

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One of my friends recently made the happy announcement that she is having her second child.  I’ll get to go to a baby shower soon! My first inclination was to pick out one of the darling miniature fashions that we all “ooh” and “ahh” over. Then I realized she wouldn’t really need a new baby layette, but a fresh supply of the daily needs without “I’m the second baby” stains would be appreciated. I decided to put together a feeding themed gift basket for the baby shower. The one I did has bibs, burp cloths, coordinating facecloths and towels for cleanup, and a Minbie baby bottle.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas: Minbie

Have you ever heard of a Minbie?

Minbie Nipple

Minbie Baby Bottle

Minbie Natural Baby Bottle

Minbie is a soft, high quality silicone baby bottle teat that is considered to be most like a natural nipple. Because of the shape and silicone material, Minbie nurtures a newborn’s instinctive breastfeeding technique. I wish they had been available when Sam was a baby. I had trouble breast feeding him because I didn’t have enough milk. When I needed to give Sam a bottle I wanted one that was most like a natural nipple so he could easily switch between the breast and the bottle. We got through it all but it was a real concern to me. I’d heard frustrated mother stories about babies that were given a bottle and then they would no longer nurse. I think Minbie would minimize that possibility.

Gift Basket Ideas for a Baby Shower

The Minbie bottle is available in glass or (BPA free) plastic. There are also three sizes to grow with baby: premature; newborns plus; three months and up. I like the wide neck opening of the bottle, too. That will make it easier to clean.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

New bottle. New bibs. New burp cloths. Time for new baby!

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