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The Ultimate Back To School Resource

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Back-to-school season is an exciting and busy time for parents and kids. But (trumpet cue) Spaceships and Laser Beams is here to help with the ultimate Back-to-School Resource Guide! These resources in this round-up will save you time and help your family transition back into classroom routines. Back-to-school party ideas, crafts, DIY tutorials, and free printables are sure to enchant and prove useful to your new schedule.

Ultimate Back to School Resource

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16 Back to School Ideas For Kids

1. 16 Back to School Ideas We Love: DIY crafts, gifts, printables, oh my! Get your kids excited about going back to school with these wonderfully simple ideas.

Best Prices on Back to School Uniforms

2. Back to School Ideas: School Uniforms on Sale: French Toast can help you find the perfect school uniform that’s as unique as your little one.

3. Back to School Teacher Gifts: Teachers work hard everyday to make learning fun for your little one. Show them how much you care with these DIY teacher gift ideas!

Tips for Getting Back to School Ready

4. Tips for Getting Ready for the School Year with Sharpie: Prepare for back to school with Sharpie. Use the fun colors to label your kid’s backpack, lunchbox, and other school supplies.

Free Printable Back To School Lunch Notes

5. Free Back to School Lunch Note Printables: Show your kids how much you love them by sending them to school with a healthy lunch and a special love note written on one of these back to school printable lunch notes.

6. 16 Creative Back to School Lunchbox Ideas: Get some fresh ideas for fun and creative ways to make your kids’ lunches pop!

Boy's Back To School Breakfast Party Ideas

7. Neighborhood Back-To-School Breakfast Party: Why not send the kids in your neighborhood back to school with a fun back to school breakfast party?

Cool Back to School Water Bottles for Boys

8. 18 Great Back to School Water Bottles for Boys: Make sure your little boy is hydrated all day with these super cool water bottle ideas!

Lunchboxes for Boys Back to School

9. 32 Awesome Back to School Lunchboxes: Yes, a lunchbox can be as cool as the food that’s inside of it! Get some great ideas for new lunchboxes for your kids.

Must Have Supplies for Back to School

10. 17 Must-Have Back to School Supplies: Having the right back to school supplies can make transitioning from summer break to the classroom that much more fun.

Free Back to School Printables

11. 10 Free Back to School Printables: Make sure that your kids’ back to school experience is as unique as they are with these free back to school printables.

Free Back to School Printable Shopping List

12. Free Back to School Shopping List Printable: Stay efficient as you get everyone ready for back to school: keep yourself organized with this free shopping list printable.

First Day of School Interview Printable

13. First & Last Day of School Interview: Make sure that you always remember what it was like when your little one was starting school with this free printable to document interests and their own personal growth!

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