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Teaching Kids Guitar

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fender for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

An awesome way to teach kids guitar.

Since my early teen days I’ve never considered myself an extreme fan of any rock musician. Attending concerts while swooning and screaming with hundreds of other adolescent girls quickly lost its appeal. I sort of cringe when I remember that short period of my uninitiated life! However, with Sam’s recent interest in learning to play the guitar, I solemnly promised him I will be at his first concert and I will clap and yell in adoration and appreciation of his awesome musical abilities. I think it will be a while before I must make good on that obligation but it sure tickled Sam when I promised.

Guitar Lessons for Kids

Although I never learned to play an instrument, Mike had dinked around with a guitar when he was younger and then he picked it up again and began playing in earnest a couple of years ago. Sam loved to pretend he was playing, too, so when we had the opportunity to start him with the online Fender Play learning program earlier this summer, he was excited. He didn’t know what Mike and I learned: Kids who learn to play guitar enjoy lots of perks. They’re more confident, they develop greater concentration and coordination and a host of other positives. All Sam thought of was looking like a cool rock star.

Teaching Kids Guitar

The online lessons have been a fun way to introduce Sam to music because it breaks songs down to the basics first. The entire curriculum has been created by experts and the leading guitar brand, Fender. There are hundreds of instructional videos and hands-on exercises to help new guitar players get playing in minutes.

Fender Play for Kids

And it’s been great for both Sam and Mike to have another common interest to share. They love jamming together!

Dad and Son Guitar

As an interested observer, I’m pleased to see how Sam’s confidence in his ability to play guitar is unfolding. Even after an “official” lesson is completed, he likes to sit by himself and experiment with sounds.

Fender Guitar Amp

The lessons themselves are short and clear. The customized curriculums are based on specific songs within your student’s musical preferences of rock, pop, country, blues, or folk.

Fender Play

And at our house dad likes rock, so son does too! Sam has been learning to play chords and he’s working on little riffs. Watching the split-screen lessons and over-the-shoulder angle has made understanding finger placement easier.

Fender Play

Because the lessons are online, you can choose whatever time best works in your schedule. With all of summer’s activities and time away from home, flexible lessons have made taking lessons a lot more convenient. Now that school is in session our family will have a more regimented agenda so Sam will have specific times for lessons. Sound like something your family could benefit from? I highly recommend checking out the Fender Play subscription service.

Kids Learn Guitar

You can start with a free 30-day trial with world-class instructors that really know their business. Their clear explanations and demonstrations are encouraging and your student can play at his/her own comfortable pace. And that gives moms time to pencil tour dates in their planner, and practice clapping and yelling in adoration of their offspring’s superior musical abilities.

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