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Summer Road Trip: Easy Activity Bags

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Disclosure: I’m part of theKinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation withthis group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

For the past two years, Sam and I have road tripped back to Newfoundland to visit family. While most would think I’m crazy to make an 8+ hour trip with a young child, Sam is excellent! He does great while travelling and actually enjoys our time together. I’ve learned to create some fun perks for him to enjoy while we travel. Since he’s obsessed with Kinder® Surprise® eggs, they’re a perfect treat to include.

Ideas for Road Trip Activities

Last summer, we stopped in Ottawa to visit my mom. She had purchased Kinder® eggs for a special surprise for Sam. He was over the moon. When we arrived in Newfoundland, my step-mom had also gotten Kinder® eggs for Sam. He got an egg each day of our visit, which was a fun way to spread out the excitement. Nothing is better in Sam’s book than a package of Kinder® eggs!

Kids Activity Bags for a Summer Road Trip

Summer Road Trip Ideas

This year, as we prepare for our journey, I decided to make Sam some surprises for the car. I numbered small paper bags and placed them in a small plastic bin. I filled the bags with fun things for Sam: Kinder® Surprise® eggs, markers, a mini notepad, a yo-yo, a pocket sized game. As we travel, he’ll be able to pick out a bag each day and have some fresh toys to play with in the backseat as we drive. It’s the perfect distraction to keep him in a good mood and so easy to put together!

Your turn: where are you traveling this summer? What Kinder® Surprise® eggs would your kids love to get?

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