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Products We Love: OtterBox

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Today, I’m sharing my love of OtterBox with you — all thoughts and opinions are my own for this compensated post.

How many kids does it take to suck the life out of a cell phone?

If you’re like me, it doesn’t even take a kid! I use my cell constantly. Looking up information, texting, getting directions, emails, checking out sales, sometimes it’s a baby-sitter—love those games and movies! Oh, and can’t forget just talking. My cell is an important part of my daily wardrobe! I have an OtterBox protective case on my cell and when I saw their fun Phone Wrecking Personality quiz, I had to take it. Turns out I’m a Battery Vampire. Big surprise.

Resurgence Power Case from OtterBox

Before OtterBox I had a lot more surprises in my life…and they weren’t the happy kind. Back in the days of carrying Sam’s sippy cups, one time I opened my bag and found my phone floating in juice. Another time Sam solemnly declared he would “sit still” if I let him play a game on my phone. I believed him. Intentional or not, the phone shattered when it hit the floor. And I can’t count the number of times I’ve fumbled and dropped my cell, without any help from Sam. As frustrating as those times were, they don’t equal the aggravation I experienced when my phone died in the middle of an important client exchange.

OtterBox Resurgence Power Case

The OtterBox makes life much more serene! I have the Resurgence Power Case now. It’s awesome! Not only does it defend my phone from drops, bumps and scrapes, the built-in battery more than doubles the iPhone’s battery capacity. It has auto-stop charge as well as the one-touch charge technology. That’s super-helpful—no more troublesome overcharges when you’re busy and forget to check. And it comes in pretty colors!

OtterBox Case

Resurgence Power Case from OtterBox

OtterBox Power Cases

OtterBox Charging Case

Depending on which OtterBox you choose, you’ll find rugged protection, sleek design, customizable inserts, and resurgence power, plus most of them are slim enough to fit in your pocket. I’m so sold on OtterBox that I’ve even gifted their cases to some of my family.

OtterBox Easy to Charge

OtterBox iPhone Case

If you take the fun OtterBox quiz to see what kind of phone wrecker you are, you can receive 10% off a case of your own. You know you need one! It’s great for protection and peace of mind.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OtterBox.

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