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Products We Love: Litter Genie®

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Litter Genie®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Age old question: Do you own a cat or does a cat own you? Anyone who has a fur baby knows the answer to that one but I bet not everyone knows the answer of how to get rid of the smell of fur baby’s gross stuff. Lucky you for finding me because I have two cats and I know the answer!

Products We Love: Litter Genie®

After studying Linus and Alistair, no one could convince me that cats aren’t brilliant. I’ve watched their successful shenanigans and strategies for getting what they want way too many times.

Linus is our senior feline. Shy with strangers, yet comfortable with family, he is a laid-back lap baby that can open cupboards with a quick flick of his paw.

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Although Alistair is also affectionate, he is always on the move. On a normal day, with tail tip twitching, Alistair hides behind my ottoman, peeks under doors and makes clandestine moves before pouncing on his unsuspecting victims.

So, I was concerned when Alistair went from a playful rascal to a listless loafer. He would barely lift his head when I rubbed him, which would normally elicit a contented purr, half-closed-eyes, and a gaze of appreciation.

Vet: He looks pale.

Me, wondering: How can you tell when he’s mostly white? Hmm.

After an exam, blood tests, and x-rays, the vet declared she was mystified. Alistair needed to stay at the clinic for observation.

I went home alone, certain my boys and Linus would miss our little rascal. I was right.

Surgery to remove an almost invisible piece of string from his gut, three days, and a monstrous bite out of my budget and Alistair was ready to recover at home. And after all his angst, for sure he had to have his favorite food, his favorite spot on the cushion, and a clean litter box.

Even though our two cats supposedly belong to my three boys, there is a frequent, mysterious disappearance of said boys when it’s time to clean the litter box. I think we all agree changing the litter box is not the best part of having a feline family member.

And of course, like most cats, ours have strong opinions about nasty odors and dirty litter boxes. Their looks of disdain mirror my own when litter boxes reach the full-house, nose-plug stage.

Products We Love: Litter Genie®

That makes frequent cleaning of their litter boxes a necessity. The Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System makes the job tons easier. It is a hassle-free method to keep a cat (and your nose) happy.

Let me explain.

Litter Box Genie for Cats

The sleek Litter Genie® tower is a convenient and easy way to get rid of the gross stuff odor and handle messes without having to handle the messes.

The Litter Genie® has a ring that holds disposable plastic liners inside the top of the can. Pull out the liner to the length you want and knot the bottom. Tuck it into the tower.

Best Cat Products: Litter Genie

Use the built-in scoop on the side of the Litter Genie® to shovel litter box waste into the liner bag.
Pull the handle on the front of the Litter Genie®. Waste drops down into the bag, the airlock clamps shut and you don’t smell a thing.


Litter and odor are locked away and even with two cats, it only needs to be emptied about once a week.

How to Use the Litter Genie

When it’s time to dispose of the mess, you just pull the liner, snip it off with the built-in cutter, tie another knot at the bag’s top (optional) and toss it in the garbage. Let me tell you, that’s something to do a happy dance about! It’s completely hassle free.

A stranger can only tell we have cats by seeing them since there is no tell-tale odor—no nose knows.

One refill lasts about a month with two cats. You can buy this life saver and the refill packs at Walmart, where you can also buy pet treats, soft blankets, and whatever else your cat sends you for because everyone knows…cats own their people.

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