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Products We Love: Chipolo

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Don’t you just hate it when you’re ready to rush out the door and you can’t find your phone? Or your keys? Me too. Don’t you HATE it when you can’t find your kids’ backpacks and it’s time to leave? Me too!

Favorite Things Chipolo Tag Finder

Life just got a little easier at our house and you can have a piece of the magic, too. Anyone who says they hate technology will change their mind when they try this newly updated (November 2015) gadget: Chipolo — it’s some kind of wonderful!


Chipolo is the world’s most advanced Bluetooth item finder. It’s a small disc (about the size of a coin) that you put on your keys or backpacks or whatever you’re trying to keep track of. When you can’t find your “lost” something, you simply check the Chipolo app on your phone and it will show you where that lost thing is. No more endless hide n’ seek!  No more being late because you lost your _____ (fill in the blank and do a happy dance!).

Chipolo Easy Set Up

If you share an item with others (keys, for example), you can track the same Chipolo on two phones at the same time—convenient and I can see where it might save you from accusations ‘cause you’ll know who really had them last!

Bluetooth Tag Finder Easy to Set Up

Now if it’s your phone that’s lost, shake the Chipolo and the object of your desire responds with ringing, whether or not it was set on silent. If your phone was lost farther away than the Bluetooth range of 200 feet, you can still find it easily.  You log into the Chipolo website and make it ring or send a lock-screen message to any friendly folks who might find it.

Another thing the Chipolo is good for is taking hands-free selfies! You just set your smartphone in the best position and shake the Chipolo. It does an audio countdown and then captures your sweet self—no more need for distorted facial features! Of course, you can take pics of something besides yourself too.

Bluetooth Item Finder

We had fun trying the Chipolo out. We tracked all sorts of things and it really is amazing. I wish I’d had one of these when I was pregnant and walking around in a brain fog! You can drop it into a piece of luggage. Attach it to your purse. Attach it to your pet’s collar. Wear it on a necklace yourself. I guess you can call the Chipolo fashionable technology because it comes it nine delicious colors: bubblegum pink, cherry red, sunset orange, sunflower yellow, lime green, deep sky blue, sapphire purple, jet black and arctic white.

Chipolo Tag

There’s a battery life of up to six months, even with tracking items daily, plus the Chipolo comes with an extra battery so you’re covered for a whole year. Just picture that: a whole year with nothing lost. And then you can get another battery and start all over. Leave the scatterbrain image behind and look tech savvy while you’re doing it!

I received compensation and a Chipolo Item Finder for my review through my partnership with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions are my own.

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