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Preserving Family Memories for Generations

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When I was given the opportunity to have Southtree digitize our keepsake family photos, I was all over it. I had seen my in-laws laboriously attempting to digitize their photos by taking cell phone shots of family pictures and I wanted to do something to help keep the precious memories alive.  I admit it: I have a sentimental heart.

Preserving Family Memories for Generations

Just like a scrapbooker’s album, my heart is full of tucked-in images that are precious to me: sparkling brown eyes, towheaded little boys, blooming desserts, blossoming brides, and Momma’s smile are just the beginning of my internal collection.

Preserving Family Photos

When I see precious photos that are the work of anonymous photographers from long ago, I am so grateful for their captured moments frozen in time. I marvel at the work they were able to do with what we now consider almost primitive equipment. It distresses me, probably more than it should, when I see old photographs fading.

Historic Family Photo Organization

When my generous mother-in-law lent me some of her most precious photos, I was so excited. As I went through stacks of family pictures dating from the early, early 1900’s, I couldn’t help but get emotional as I contemplated these only tangible links that were left from my husband’s ancestors.

How to Store Old Photos

Imagine my amazement when I pulled out a photo of my husband’s grandfather as a toddler and realized how very much my own two-year-old resembles him. Knowing that with a digitized photo, I would be able to show that piece of family heritage to my little guy when he is old enough to care, is priceless.

Vintage Photos Made Digital

I got to work. The process for placing my order with Southtree was a breeze. I placed my order online. They answered all my questions. I counted the pictures, packaged everything securely in the box they provided and mailed it to their office in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Screen Shot

All along the way, my package was tracked. Everything was barcoded so I knew exactly what part of the digitizing process they were in. That gave my mother-in-law and me a great deal of ease. Those photos are literally priceless.

Southtree Packaging

And yes, along with the new digitized version, you do get the originals back in the same condition in which you sent them. They are meticulous with all the details.

Southtree Digital

Since Southtree also digitizes home movies, film, and audio tapes as well as photographs, my husband and I decided to send the tape of our wedding. Because of the format it was in, we haven’t been able to watch it but Southtree took care of that for us!

Now we have a video of our wedding (happy tears!) that we can enjoy and share with our kids and hopefully, the next generations too.

Converting Video to Digital

If you have precious photographs, home movies or film deteriorating in your closet, I highly recommend sending them to Southtree for preservation. It is so precious to be able to physically hold onto those memories.

Go check out Southtree. They do excellent work. Right now they are extending 40% off to our readers when you use the code SPACE at checkout. The discount cannot be combined with other offers and there’s a limit of one use per household. Not valid towards ForeverFiles or hard drives. Only valid at southtree.com.

This is a sponsored post written by a grateful me on behalf of Southtree.

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