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Picking a Theme for Sam’s Fifth Birthday Party

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If you’ve followed my blog, then you might know that Spaceships and Laser Beams was born because of my son, Sam. I was about nine months into a one-year maternity leave from work; I was desperately looking for things to do that didn’t include changing a diaper.  So…I started planning for Sam’s first birthday party! I discovered plenty of pink and frilly party supplies for girls but hardly any fun and stylish boy birthday themes, especially at that time.

Boy's Fifth Birthday Party Ideas

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About a month after Sam’s first birthday, a few friends and I officially launched the Spaceships and Laser Beams Etsy shop (ahh…what moms do for their sons!). Our goal was to provide unique, original artwork on the party printables just for boys. It’s hard to believe that we now have more than 20 collections!

Even with having an awesome array of party items available, I wrestle with what is THE BEST birthday party theme for Sam. This summer he is going to be turning five. FIVE! He is currently obsessed with planes and airports and flying the friendly skies. It’s all he talks about. He often packs up his toys for imaginary plane rides. I cannot count the number of times that Mike and I have had to play airport with him over the past six months!

For sure that means we’ll be having a plane themed birthday party this summer, with our Vintage Plane Collection. Thinking ahead also causes me to think back and remember Sam’s previous birthdays.

Sam’s first birthday party theme was really difficult to decide on. I considered all kinds of options before finally settling on quirky, cute robots. Mike is a sci-fi geek and I love anything cute and retro so it seemed like a perfect fit for our family.

A two-year-old can be opinionated, but not necessarily about birthday themes. For Sam’s second birthday, I decided on something that was meaningful to our family. My husband, Mike, is an avid fisherman; he even teaches fly-fishing techniques. I grew up in Newfoundland where fishing is part of our culture. The Vintage Fishing themed birthday was an easy and satisfying choice with our mutual history; it’s something we hoped to one day share with Sam–which we have begun doing.

By the time he turned three, Sam was very interested in fire trucks, like many little guys. We celebrated with our Firefighting Fun Collection. I especially love the comical firemen, the burning building and fire truck cupcake wraps. That was an awesome party to put together.

When last year’s birthday rolled around, Sam was big into pretending good guy vs. bad guy. Our Cops and Robbers Collection worked perfectly! Sam got some swagger in; the robbers weren’t too scary; I had a blast creating fun elements!

Since I get a lot of questions about how to plan a party, I thought I’d take you through my preparation process with Sam’s upcoming Vintage Plane themed party. Over the next few weeks I’ll share my process from conceiving to creating a party. Hopefully I’ll answer some of your inquiries along the way; stay tuned!

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