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Partnering to End Childhood Cancer

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I was asked to participate in the #EndChildhoodCancer campaign, sponsored by Hyundai Hope On Wheels. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Like many of you, our family has gone through a few bouts with germs this past season. The cold-bronchitis-flu-virus seemed especially tenacious this year. Even with being mindful of eating well, getting good rest, and frequent hand washing, we were down for the count way too many times. Annoying. Inconvenient. But the worst part is seeing your child sick and not being able to make it better for him immediately, even though you know he’ll get back to normal soon.


When I received the invitation to participate in the Hyundai Hope on Wheels #EndChildhoodCancer campaign, my heart went out to all the children and parents who battle the much more serious diagnosis of cancer. I can only imagine the frustration, sorrow, and concern. Stats say every 36 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. And although 80% of cancers are being cured, it remains the leading cause of death by disease in children—more than diabetes, asthma and AIDS combined. Also alarming is less than 4% of the National Cancer Institute funding goes to Pediatric Cancer, but there are other groups who are working together to help end childhood cancer. Hyundai Hope On Wheels is one of them.

While this issue is a very serious one for Hope On Wheels, a neat part of their ceremony is the painting of kids’ hands.  The kids then get to put their hands on a new car.  This ceremony represents the hopes, dreams and journeys of kids with cancer.  A very special reminder of why this cause is so important.

Hyundai Hope on Wheels

Since 1998, Hyundai Hope On Wheels®, a 5011(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to finding a cure for childhood cancer, has been providing grants to nationwide eligible institutions that are pursuing life-saving research and treatments for the disease. So far they’ve awarded more than $100 million towards research. The primary funding for Hyundai Hope On Wheels comes from Hyundai Motor America and more than 830 U.S. Hyundai dealers.

This year Hyundai Hope On Wheels is committed to making an even greater impact.  One focus is research on pediatric cancers with the lowest survival rates. With bold research, greater community awareness and support, the goal is to help make Day Without Cancer a reality.  Two HHOW National Youth Ambassadors, Hannah Adams and Ryan Darby, will help raise awareness this year by visiting U.S. children’s hospitals and events to tell their own stories of courage and hope.


Hyundai Hope On Wheels is launching an event in New York City on March 24 to raise awareness about fighting childhood cancer. You can help!  It’s an easy way to raise awareness of this great need by supporting the campaign via social media. Let’s all do what we can to #EndChildhoodCancer.

Here’s to hoping all sick kids can get back to normal—soon.

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