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Overcoming Picky Eating with Your Toddler

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Something happened to my toddler.  He went from eating (mostly) everything in front of him to turning his nose up at some of his favorites!  And it of course changes on a day by day basis.

Toddler Drink

Just the other day, he asked for milk and being the great mom that I am, I anticipated this very need and had a cold one waiting for him.  As I handed him his cold sippy of milk, he started crying, “no, I want milk!”  (um, what is happening here?) I said, “honey, this is milk”.  To which he dramatically replied, “no, I want milk!”  (Oh boy, it’s going to be one of those days), “honey, I put milk in your cup for you.  Would you rather have it in your cereal?” “Nooooo!  I want milk!”  He then proceeded to throw himself down on the ground crying for the milk that was sitting right in front of him. Oh, the joys of toddlerhood!

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At this point, I was headed for my second cup of coffee — since it usually holds the answers to all things motherhood.  After he was done with whatever was happening inside his quickly growing body, he got up and grabbed his sippy cup of milk and said in that little high pitched toddler voice (as if nothing had happened) “sanks!” Face. Palm.

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Gerber Good Start Grow

It’s times like these when I’m thankful for Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink.  There usually isn’t a day goes by that I wonder (no, worry is more like it) if he’s getting enough nutrition. With help from Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink, I can be more confident that he’s getting everything he needs.

Gerber Good Start

Nutrious Supplement for Toddlers

Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink is specially designed for toddlers 12-24 months. It’s a nutritious drink packed with probiotics to support digestive health. I love that it’s packed with essential nutrients (like Iron, Vitamins C, D and E plus Potassium) to help fill nutrient gaps from picky eating. DHA also helps to support brain development and it’s Non-GMO. All that makes me feel great about giving it to my little guy.

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Gerber sent me a free sample of Stage 3 Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Drink to help nourish my toddler’s tummy.  My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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