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Our Two Cat Household + Pom Toy Idea

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It’s official: we are now a two-cat family. And they are both toms. That means I am now outnumbered 6:1. Yes, I am the Pink Princess…the Queen of Everything in my world.

Our Two Cat Household + Cat Pom Toy Idea

Except, my male minions all have minds of their own and therefore regularly knock off my tiara!

My boys have been lobbying for a big dog. I wanted a dog, too. A little dog. I made several trips to our local animal rescue shelter and picked out the sweetest little guy, but it was not to be.


After being majorly disappointed, I put all thoughts of another pet out of my mind. We have a sleek, handsome black cat named Linus, and I am busy enough as it is.

Except, while I was visiting a friend whose cat recently had kittens…well, you know how adorably winsome a tiny fur ball with big eyes can be. And coincidentally, my #2 son began asking for another cat at the same time, without knowing of my clandestine kitty crush.


So Alastor made his way into my heart and our home. He is a teeny tiny little stinker and very playful so he definitely fits in with my boys.

Alastor on Computer

He loves to “help” me while I’m working. He has figured out how to use the touch screen with his paw!

We even had to install baby-locks on our kitchen cupboards because he won’t stay out of them! I’m not certain if Linus taught Alastor how to regularly empty the trash can or if it was his own idea.

My boys are in the habit of wagging Linus around as if he were a sack of potatoes. He’s patient about it but Alastor is so small, I’ve needed to remind the boys to be extra-gentle with him.

Cat Toy Ideas

I made a little yarn ball on a stick so the boys can play a cat-and-mouse type game with Alastor without being too rough. Both of the cats love it!

Zane with Alastor

We all love that little kitty so much already. We’re doing everything we can to take care of both of our fur babies.

Shay with Alastor

Cats are notoriously picky eaters, and I was determined to find a special cat food that would delight our newest addition right from the beginning. And sweet Linus is not to be left out.


I’m liking the new Meow Mix Bistro because it is culinary-inspired cat food with real chicken that is 100% complete, balanced nutrition with all essential vitamins and minerals.

More importantly, the cats like Meow Mix Bistro! What feline foodie wouldn’t love crunchy kibble with bistro flavor?

Linus and Alastor Napping

I like that this cat food is made right here in the USA. Higher quality ingredients should ensure that Alastor will stay healthy and develop a beautiful fur coat, just like Linus.

And my kitty pom should ensure that my boys will tantalize instead of terrorize both cats. If you’d like to make one, here are my simple instructions:

 DIY Cat Toy



  • yarn
  • scissors
  • stick

DIY Toy for Cats

Homemade Cat Toy


  1. Wrap yarn around hand several times.
  2. Slide off hand.
  3. Cinch the middle of the yarn cluster and tie with another long piece of yarn.
  4. Cut the loops on both sides.
  5. Fluff the pieces.
  6. Tie the long piece of yarn to one side of stick.

Meow Mix Bistro Recipes

Meow Mix Bistro Dry Cat Food can be found at your local Walmart and will also be available on soon. For now, you can find out more about Meow Mix Bistro Recipes HERE. Kitty will think it’s purr-fect!

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