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No More Dog Breath: Royal Canin Oral Care

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I love picking up quirky pieces of art that celebrate the everyday. Recently I was at an art show and I saw an amusing drawing of a cute dog with a bone and the sweetest grin. The caption? Dog Breath. It struck me as a funny reminder to brush our dog Cassie’s pearly whites!

Dental Disease in Dogs

But, really, dog breath isn’t so funny if you have a dog (or a cat). In fact, it isn’t normal for dog’s to have bad breath and is usually the sign of a bigger issue like dental disease.

Cassie’s vet and I have talked a lot about the health of her teeth and gums. I learned when tartar builds up along the gum line, just like for people, the gums can get pushed away from the roots of teeth. That can cause bad breath and pain, but even worse, bacteria on tartar can cause more serious problems. It can be absorbed into the blood stream and then it’s deposited in organs, causing infection. And your pet can’t say a word about what’s hurting.

It’s so important to take your dog (or cat) to the veterinarian for regular oral wellness exams. They can tell you the very best ways to prevent and manage periodontal disease in pets.

Royal Canin Pet Info

Feeding your pet a veterinary-approved dental diet like Royal Canin’s Dental Nutrition Formula is a great first step in limiting plaque formation. Royal Canin’s science-based nutrition has over 200 formulas made up of over 50 nutrients tailored to meet your pet’s precise nutritional requirements and their dental formulas have proven, triple-action dental care.

Royal Canin Oral Care diets for cats and dogs help control plaque and tartar with kibbles. The specialized texture and shape of the various kibbles produces gentle abrasion on your pet’s teeth during chewing so dental plaque is reduced—a brushing effect without the brush!

For more information, visit Royal Canin to learn more about dental care for catssmall dogs, and medium/large dogs.

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