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Music for Kids: Learning to Play Guitar

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fender for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

A star is born…or how to make beautiful music.

Parenting is a tricky thing. You want your child to have all sorts of fun and amazing experiences while he is still a kid…but the goal is to help him become the best possible adult version of himself. And what does that look like? I’m working on it. I know one skill I want Sam to have is one I never mastered: the ability to read music and play an instrument. 

Music for Kids: Learning to Play Guitar

I knew there were stages for kids but I didn’t realize there were parenting stages too.

We endured the exhausted new-parent period, the busy chasing-your-little-one through toddlerhood, and that slid into pre-school and kindergarten when life normalized somewhat.

How Kids Learn to Play Guitar

Now, life has settled into a routine of homework, sports, and time with friends. Good things we’re comfortable with but now Mike and I are in a debate period.

What specific skills and accomplishments will complement Sam’s interests at this age and best prepare him for a happy and successful life?

And why did no one tell me parenting had so many questions?!

I read somewhere that learning to play a musical instrument helps kids’ developing nervous systems. That can translate into improved scholastic scores. Any parent knows that’s a good thing!

Kids Learning to Play Guitar

Mike can play the guitar and so of course Sam likes to “play” it too. He likes to strum it and pretend he’s making music. He’s a little ham!

After reading that kids who learn to play guitar develop better math skills, coordination, and concentration—and do well socially—we decided it’s time to begin music lessons.

Fender Play Review

We’re starting him with an online learning program called Fender Play. They have song-based, customized curriculums based on your student’s musical preferences (rock, pop, country, blues, and folk) and because Fender Play breaks the songs down into the basics first, students are playing music they love in minutes.

That is motivating! Sam was so excited to realize he was making real music.

Fender Play App

Fender Play is created by curriculum experts and Fender, the leading guitar brand. Even I have heard about the legendary Fender guitars!

Kid Using Fender to Learn to Play Guitar

What’s really helpful is how the split-screen lesson shows an over-the-shoulder angle that lets the new player see exactly how the finger and hand positions should look from the player’s own perspective.

I like that there are hundreds of instructional videos and exercises so there is a lot of variety, plus lots of growth potential. The customized curriculum is your path to Play.

Fender Amp with Guitar

Whether your student prefers acoustic or electric guitar, Fender Play has world-class instructors that use the latest teaching methods. And although the program is motivating, there’s nothing pushy: a player can learn at their own pace.

Fender Play is a monthly subscription service and you can try it through a 30-day free trial. After you register on a desktop or laptop computer, you get an app so you can take Fender Play with you.

Fender Acoustic Guitar

Then, if you’re going to the park for a picnic, for example, your young rock star can take their guitar along and serenade you while you decide if you should invest in a sound system…or ear plugs. Parenting is a tricky thing.

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