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Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

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If you like to give Mom personalized presents that really mean something to her, you’re going to love these one-stop, Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Mother's Day Brunch Decor Ideas

Over the years, I’ve made Mom a lot of presents. Sometimes they’ve been successful and sometimes they’ve turned out a little wonky…a little too homemade looking, if you know what I mean. I’m remembering the “elegant” coin purse I stitched entirely by hand. Why did I line it with plastic?!

Now that I’m a mom, I get why those little girl attempts were so precious to my mom. But now that I’m old enough to be a mom, I do not like giving wonky-looking gifts!

Ideas for Mother's Day Meal

This year, I’m feeling good about my Mother’s Day ideas. I’m having a brunch to honor my mom and mother-in-law as part of our family celebration and I have some great plans for how to pull it together.

Tablecloth Runner for Mother's Day

I found the best patterns and colors for a table runner and placemats and discovered I could upload the designs to Shutterfly and they’ll produce my unique ideas.

Mother's Day Gift for Grandma

After that success, I decided to add customization to the tableware, too. That means the grandmas will have personalized glasses to take home.

Monogrammed Pitcher

And my new monogramed decanter looks so sleek! I know it’ll get a lot of use at our house.

Succulent Plate

I like the succulent plate design I found right on Shutterfly. Isn’t it fun? Look close and you’ll see the message I decided on. The colors are perfect with the table linens…

Centerpiece Succulent

Pretty Brunch Ideas

…and the design gave me the idea for a centerpiece: individual, potted succulents in clear, green glass cups. I’ll do an arrangement with a few fresh flowers like these tulips in glass milk bottles. The grandmas can take those home too.

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

I still need to decide on the menu but I know it will include juice, fresh fruit, and coffee cake.

Kid's Artwork on Pillow

And the piece de resistance? I think the grandmas will melt when they see my boys’ “masterpieces” on customized pillows and blankets!

When I looked at the Shutterfly website for gift ideas I found tons of possibilities. Being a photographer, the custom photo books, photo mugs, and canvas prints caught my attention right away, but since I do a lot of photography I wanted to go a different direction this time.

Artwork Ideas for Mother's Day Gifts

I love the idea of turning my boys’ art work into something functional and I know the grandmas will be thrilled. Even my boys are thrilled! They had so much fun working on surprises for their grammies.

Artwork Ideas for Mother's Day

For the watercolor version, I had the boys paint a large poster board. Then I simply hung it on a wall and took a picture of it. I uploaded it to photoshop and added “the best Grammie” for the pillow before uploading it to Shutterfly. The matching blanket (so soft!) also features the colorful artwork.

Kid's Artwork for Mother's Day

After the oldest little artist was finished, I scanned and uploaded the “Happy Mother’s Day” picture, too. I adore how cheerful the little boy and his grandma look dancing by that sweet little house!

Mother's Day Brunch Decor Ideas

My boys can hardly wait for “The Brunch Day”. Me too. I’m liking the entire set-up. Being able to mix creativity with customized items we can be proud of feels like a great way to show some love.

Pillow Blanket for Mother's Day

I’m also liking how simple it’s been to pull these Mother’s Day ideas together. Shutterfly makes it easy to create impressive, personalized gifts that are a good value. I know the moms in my family will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into making these gifts. Much more meaningful than some random, ready-made knick-knack.

Pillow for Mother's Day

Or wonky creation.

Prove that your mom raised a thoughtful and resourceful daughter. Even if you don’t have time to pull a brunch together, any of these personalized gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day. Go to #Shutterfly!

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