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Mom’s Favorite App: PatPat

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When I was a new, first time mom, “going shopping” used to be an almost magical phrase. It meant I’d probably come home with bags of cute things that would make life seem even sweeter. Then I had two more kids. My time and budget were seriously divided! Shopping is more often “only when necessary” and I can usually find something else I’d rather do than trudge around a mall. However, I just discovered PatPat, the new (free!) shopping app that is the mommy of all e-commerce marketplaces. I’m finding great deals, quality products and convenience.

Apps for Moms Who Love to Shop & Save

The PatPat app is featured as one of the top three, new apps on the Apple App store homepage—now there’s an endorsement! What can you find on PatPat? Kids’ clothing, baby and toddler clothes, diaper bags, baby costumes, and maternity dresses are just the start. They have limited time, unbeatable deals daily. Want a fun way to start your day? New baby essentials are added at 6 AM PST each morning! I really like their “upcoming” tab where you can see the deals that are about to start. Talk about anticipation! There are several tabs along the top of the screen that make it easy to navigate and search.

Great Deals for Moms

Great Wet Bag Deal

They have great deals on Pampers diapers—as low as $0.18/per diaper.  Pampers’ Swaddlers were the only brand I used when my boys were babies. They have wet bags to keep in your diaper bag for just $5.99. That’s a must-have gift idea for new moms! If you use their $5 new member coupon plus our 35% off code, you could get a bag for just $.64!

Fall Headbands on Sale

I’m LOVING the fall headbands PatPat offers—they have tons of styles and colors to choose from. They are an easy and practical accessory to help busy moms look their best, too.

Halloween Decorations on Sale

PatPat also boasts décor items and organizing ideas.

Download the free PatPat app via your iOS or Android device. Use the app search bar to check for hundreds of options. You can order by phone or e-mail. I think you’ll be especially pleased with how low prices are, especially when you use the promo code they’re offering: 35% off + $5 for your first order.

Great Deals for Moms

You can find high quality, top trending essentials for mom and baby at up to 90% less than typical retail prices. If you share—or “pat” a friend, your savings can be even greater. How is this possible? The middleman is cut out because PatPat deals directly with manufacturers. Another plus is the free shipping and their commitment to customer service with excellence.

Use our exclusive code: SSHI35 – For 35% off + $5 off for first order!

Best Apps for Moms

If you’re a mom shopper par excellence—or would like to be—check out PatPat. They prove having the best doesn’t have to break the bank!

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