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Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas

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Toy catalogs sure look a lot different than when I was growing up. You know the future is here when your six-year-old asks for electronics for Christmas! There are some phenomenal options for kids these days. This year Sam’s wish list includes: a new tablet, remote control dinosaur and action cam as well as a bazillion Lego and superhero products.

Meaningful Christmas Gifts

Guess it’s my own fault that there are so many big ticket items. While trying to uncover what would really excite him, I encouraged Sam to “dream big”.  No matter that he is on Santa’s Nice List—Sam is not receiving everything on this list! Even though grandparents, aunts and uncles have been asking for gift suggestions, I’d be embarrassed to pass along all big ticket ideas.

I often find it hard to put a cap on Christmas. As an only child, it’s a constant battle to ensure he’s not spoiled rotten. Since he has been born, his grandparents — recognizing that he gets more than his fair share — have always contributed to Sam’s RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan) at Christmas time. We all recognize that while his toy preference will change from year to year (and in some cases month to month), giving a fully paid undergraduate degree is the gift of a lifetime. By starting early, it hasn’t been a financial burden on any of our family.

Heritage RESP

How we have worked it in the past is that — for instance my dad and stepmom — send one or two toys that they know Sam will love, plus a cheque for Sam’s RESP. It’s been a bit of a logistical effort (one year I didn’t deposit the cheques for a couple of months and my dad wasn’t, ahem, the happiest with me) but so worth it.

I am thinking now that the new Heritage eGifting Program, the first of it’s kind in Canada, is a super smart idea. It’s an online group funding campaign that family and friends can easily use to contribute funds towards a child’s Heritage RESP. Soooooo much easier than what we have been doing the past six years. Pretty much everyone is used to online banking now so an online education savings plan is perfect for special occasion gift-giving.

Meaningful Christmas Gift Ideas

Heritage Education Funds, Inc. is the first Canadian organization to offer this kind of financial service to the market. I’m so glad it’s here – especially from an experienced provider of RESPs! I predict I’m not the only one who is really going to love this opportunity.


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