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Loving Our Pets — with Help from Royal Canin

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The other day I overheard Mike on the phone, telling Dad that our new dog, Cassie, is definitely my dog. And it’s true. She’s like my shadow. I guess it’s natural since I’m home with her all day while Sam is at school and Mike is at work. Whatever room I am in, she is in. If I take a shower, she lays on the bathmat. She won’t go to bed until I go to bed. When I work, she is laying at my feet.

Loving Our Pets with Royal Canin

Lately I’ve been working on the blog from our backyard. Cassie and I both love it. We have a covered deck with a fan and that’s where Cassie and I have been hanging out. I’ve been letting our neighbor’s dog come over and play with Cassie while I work (it’s OK with the neighbor—he’s at work and he is glad his dog has company).

Our neighbor’s dog has been on a diet. It’s the opposite problem we’ve had with Cassie, who was quite underweight when we got her from her previous owners. She’s been on a high calorie Royal Canin diet and she’s doing very well.  Our neighbor’s dog has had his food intake cut almost in half. Poor baby doesn’t know it’s for his good! He is going nuts, constantly begging and stealing food. He is always trying to find something to eat when I have him over.

Cassie in the Grass

I believe that one of the most important decisions pet owners can make each day is what to feed their pets. And because I’ve worked with Royal Canin Canada through this blog — and am such a fan of their pet food — I actually knew they have vet-prescribed satiety formulations that might be a better option than just cutting the neighbor dog’s normal food ration in half.

This line of food helps the dog feel full and yet gives them all the nutrients they need for healthy weight loss. It’s hard not to give our pets “just one more” when they so eloquently ask with their lovely eyes, but many pets suffer with weight gain, joint pain and disease as a result of the wrong diet. I urged our neighbor to see his vet, who would be able to provide a lot of guidance on the best nutrition as well as the entire weight loss journey.

Cassie and the Neighbor Dog

There have been all kinds of scientific studies done on nutritional needs for people and pets, especially in the past few years. Greater understanding of that has developed into prevention nutrition, and even health/treatment nutrition, that can help prevent or even cure certain diseases. For instance in the past 15 years, life expectancy for dogs has increased by three years! On-going research helps formulate the best animal rations according to their specific needs like age, size and lifestyle.

Royal Canin Health Nutrition food is precisely formulated and measured to provide all the essential nutrients an animal will need for optimal health and well-being. And by animal, I mean cats as well as dogs. All of you cat lovers will appreciate seeing what is being done for the beautiful tortoiseshell, Candyce. At her heaviest she was 11.6kg (over 25lbs).



Candyce’s story reinforces how weight loss in obese pets increases their quality of life and reduces the risk of associated health problems. It’s sooooo important that everyone take their cats and dogs to the vet for an examination and to learn what a healthy weight is, plus how to reach and maintain it.

Our whole family loves our Cassie, but secretly, I’m glad she is “my” dog. I want her to have a long, healthy life with us. Forget diamonds. Man’s best friend is also woman’s best friend!

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