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Letting Go of Parental Guilt

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Letting go of parental guilt.

It’s natural to feel conflicted when you want the best for your kids and you can’t seem to make what you think should happen, happen. But, when you recognize the truth in a situation, it’s easier to let go of unfounded guilt. I think tender mom hearts are especially prone to parenting guilt. Thanks to GoodNites for the reminder to be kind to myself and thanks to GoodNites NightTime Underwear and Sam’s Club for sponsoring this post.

Letting Go of Parental Guilt

I’ve always thought of myself as a loving person. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a great family. I love my parents, my sister, my relatives.

Through the years I’ve had some wonderful friends, too. And when I met my husband, I thought there could never be more love than that. He is awesome.

And then I had my boys.

Night Time Routine

I can’t say I love them more than my husband. It’s different. They exist because of our love. But the care a child needs does something to expand your heart in the most amazing way.

You might be more tired, but one day you wake up and realize you’ve become a better person because of the lavish attention you’ve given. That whole “it’s more blessed to give than receive” becomes real!

You also recognize you’d do whatever it takes to benefit your child. And I admit to more than a little consternation when I haven’t been able to smooth every little milestone for my boys.

As a mom, initially I felt I should be able to find an answer or a solution to manage my son’s nighttime wetting. When cutting off evening beverages and waking him up repeatedly in the middle of the night didn’t work, I felt like I was failing him.

I felt guilty.

When I was with other moms, I heard lots of satisfied brags about all the things everyone’s kids were accomplishing but I never heard anyone bragging their child was still wet at night!

My firstborn son did all sorts of wonderful but his  nighttime wetting made me feel like I was missing something as a parent.

Only later did I learn how common it is. In fact, one in six children between the ages of 4 and 12 deal with nighttime wetting. Usually, it’s just a developmental issue that kids grow out of with time. Mine eventually did.

Goodnites at Sam's Club

When my second son began the same pattern of daytime dry and nighttime wet, this time I knew not to beat myself up because it wasn’t my fault and it wasn’t my child’s fault either. I picked up GoodNites NightTime Underwear and we’re managing this phase together.

Iron Man Goodnites

GoodNites are the #1 NightTime Protection Brand*, come in different sizes and the super-stretchy sides help them fit lots of different body shapes. I like how they also have zoned protection, specifically to help protect where girls and boys need it the most. And with five layers of protection and double leg barriers, my little guy and I both rest easy.

Boy's Goodnites

If nighttime wetting is an issue at your house, head over to your local Sam’s Club and pick up a supply of GoodNites. Right now through Sept. 17 is a good time to stock up because they’re on sale with instant savings: Save $8 on any 2 GoodNites, Huggies Diapers, Pull-Ups or Wipes.

The deal is available in-store through 9/1 and online and you can ship directly to your house with free shipping. Or you can order online and use Sam’s Club’s convenient drive-through club pick-up.

If you’re like our family, you find all sorts of good deals on needful things when you shop at Sam’s Club. Did you know if you don’t want to wait in line when you’re done shopping you can use Sam’s Club’s Scan & Go? Little boys who are done with shopping especially like that.

Night Time Routine with Kids

At the end of the day, our bedtime routine with our boys includes an evening snack, picking up toys, brushing teeth and then it’s snuggle and story time. Ryan and I take turns reading but one of their favorite books only Daddy can read because “he makes the best voices, Mom.”

I just smile and let it happen. No guilt over that, either!


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