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When you were a kid, do you remember long summer days that seemed to gloriously stretch out forever? One of the things I loved to do was read a good book. I loved falling into new worlds of adventure and friendship! Time was satisfyingly suspended as I traveled to new vistas. In a good book, characters became real to me — —so much so that I would miss them when I finished the story!

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The gift of reading is an adventure I certainly want my boys to experience. New words, new ideas, excitement, knowledge—they’re all found on the pages of books. Good readers have a better command of language and that also translates to being good communicators. That’s why I want to encourage my guys to become lifelong readers.

I know that a love of reading begins when kids are young so this summer we are beginning to keep a Journal of Books. I won’t start this for my littles for a couple of years, but every time Jorryn finishes a book this summer, we’re going to keep a record of it. With every fifth book he reads, he earns a reward. It will be a simple prize, but I think that extra incentive will keep Jorryn motivated to keep reading and learning.

Would you like to encourage your kids to read more too? Here’s a FREE printable of the Journal of Books we’re using.

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