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Kid Favorite: Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush #GetTheFeeling

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“Why do I have to brush my teeth?”

Do you ever hear that question? In my experience it is usually delivered in a plaintive whine.

I never tell Zane I used to say the same thing when I was his age—I hated to brush my teeth! It wasn’t the act of brushing; I just didn’t want to stop whatever interesting thing I was doing at the time for something as mundane as tooth brushing. But somewhere along the way I decided brushing was a lot better than going to the dentist’s office and getting those awful shots.

Kids Favorite Philips Sonicare

Fast forward to me as Mom. I determined Zane was not going to endure anything more than regular six month check-ups at the dentist’s office. We started soft brushing with Zane’s first tooth. When he could hold a toothbrush we began “taking turns” before bedtime. He kind of showed the brush around his mouth and then I did my thorough Mom job.

Philips Sonicare for Kids

Sonicare for Kids

Zane Decorating His Toothbrush

Kid's Custom Toothbrush

Nowadays Zane is usually good about remembering the brush routine after breakfast and before bed but I’m trying to get him to do the business after lunch and when he has sweet treats. The Philips Sonicare for Kids is a great asset. It has a 2-minute timer and it plays a musical ditty that amuses Zane. I don’t have to say “not long enough; do it again”. The built-in timer takes care of it. The Sonicare for Kids comes with 8 sticker faceplates for the handle so Zane can personalize his brush. I think anything that encourages a child to take ownership goads the success rate. I’m really pleased with the effective, gentle cleaning the Sonicare delivers.

Over the past few weeks of using the new Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush, I’ve noticed a big difference in his teeth. They look whiter and brighter already. I’ve noticed less tarter build up as well. Knowing that we’re seeing great results makes me feel wonderful. Zane also loves using the toothbrush — which is a real positive as any parents knows!

Brushing Teeth with Philips Sonicare for Kids

After brushing his teeth recently, I asked him to draw me a picture that showed how he felt about his new toothbrush. He explained that all the lines indicated that his toothbrush goes everywhere in his mouth to get it clean and get rid of any cavity bugs. Awesome!

Zane Brushing His Teeth

Now whenever Zane asks the “why brush” question, I just smile and ask him if he wants a piece of whatever my latest taste treat is. Gets him every time!  Zane says dessert is so worth brushing his teeth!

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