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Kid Activity Ideas: Crayola Color Alive #ColorAlive

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My three little guys are 10, 4 and 2. With that age gap, finding activities that they all enjoy doing can be somewhat of a challenge. Even though my oldest, Jorryn, is an excellent big brother, he doesn’t always want to do what the littles are interested in. It goes without saying that the littles always want to do what big brother is doing, but that’s not always feasible. This presents quite a challenge to a mama who wants to encourage family fun everyone will love!

Kid Activity Ideas Crayola Color Alive #ColorAlive

Thankfully, Crayola Color Alive is up for the challenge! I have never seen my boys so engrossed in a project together. They were content, engaged… and quiet! It was like a miracle. Once their drawings were finished and they could see their Action Coloring Pages come alive with help from the free downloadable app, they were over the moon. Jorryn — who loves Skylanders — couldn’t get over seeing his creations come to life before his eyes in 4D. Crayola changes coloring forever! 

Mythical Creatures Crayola Color Alive

Skylanders Crayola Color Alive

Crayola Color Alive App

To start, all the boys grabbed a Crayola Color Alive coloring book while I downloaded the free app. There are four books available right now: Skylanders™, Barbie™, Enchanted Garden™ and Mythical Creatures™. The boys went to town coloring their pictures. It’s great to see what their imaginations create. Once their pictures were finished, the fun started with the easy-to-use app. 

Zane Coloring Color Alive

Shay Coloring

Creating with Crayola

Coloring with Crayola Color Alive

Zane Coloring

Boys Coloring with Crayola

We were all amazed at how the app created each character based on exactly what they drew. They all looked really alive — they even moved! Jorryn tested out taking selfies with his characters plus looking at “real world” or adventure backgrounds. You can Bring Your Coloring To Life with Crayola. 

Jorryn Coloring

Kid's Activity Ideas with Crayola

Capture a Drawing with Crayola

4D Drawing from Crayola

4D Drawing with Crayola

Jorryn with 4D Drawing

In one evening, Jorryn filled up numerous pages of his Crayola Color Alive book. Zane and Shay each did several pages in their books. Both littles told me they were happy to do a project like big brother. Mama was happy that everyone was content and being creative together. Crayola Color Alive has become a new family favorite that will be re-visited again soon. 

Enter to Win

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