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Keeping Our Family Safe with Torch

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I’m happy to share about Torch as part of a sponsored campaign. 

What did we do before the digital age? There are so many awesome games and learning tools available for kids these days. Computers and tablets are wonderful but I know I’m not the only mom who has witnessed firsthand that the fascinating internet can become addictive, plus it has the potential to be unsafe. For sure I’m not disallowing internet access to my kids, but my husband and I have had several conversations about how to keep them safe on the internet. Who has time to police every search? I’m loving what I’ve learned about Torch and what it offers to families.

Keeping Our Family Safe with Torch

Torch is a router that makes it easy for parents to be certain their kids are safe online—and that they’re not spending too much time on the internet. According to studies*, 70% of kids between the ages of seven and eighteen have accidently encountered online pornography, often while doing a homework web search. Additionally, the average 8-10-year-old spends almost eight hours a day on media. Older kids and teenagers spend more than eleven hours a day on media. Whoa! That’s a lotta lotta!

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The Torch router filters content, offers time keeping (limiting usage during certain times—like “aren’t you supposed to be asleep in bed?”) and reporting (what your kids are doing and where they’re doing it).  It empowers parents to know—and have control—over what is coming into the home. Kids can still explore the wonders of the internet—but they’re safe.


The Torch router is a simple product that centralizes internet management to one spot in your house. And Torch makes it easy. Parents don’t have to manage every device their kids interact with—parents just tap into the existing infrastructure of the internet. Torch does not interfere with any internet safety measures like the encryption that’s used to ensure sensitive data. Torch is compatible with all of your gadgets, and it’s fast.

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Do you want one? Me too!  Torch is taking pre-orders NOW through Kickstarter! They plan to ship in early 2016. There are additional apps and capabilities in the works, too. They’re building an online community to encourage discussion about internet safety/related issues, so everyone can understand these topics and the rules.

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Taking back parental control over your kids’ digital universe is not about shrinking their world; it will safely expand their horizons. Everybody wins! Visit the Torch website for more info.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Torch.

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