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I received compensation and a Myfox system for my review through my partnership with the Quality Blue Community. All opinions are my own.

I’m optimistic and I don’t worry too much about anything. However, since I’ve become a mom (X’s 3!), I realize I check out the world differently. Safety and health issues are topics I rarely considered before mommyhood. Maybe maturity has something to do with it, too (note I said maturity—not aging—a-hem). It’s hard to totally ignore all bad news, but I try to make our home a safe haven. We focus on life’s positives even while dealing with safety issues.

My Fox Home Alarm

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out the DIY MyFox Security System. It’s a convenient way to keep your eye on what is happening at home, even when you’re not there. It’s awesome and so easy to set up! You download their free MyFox Security app, create an account, and follow instructions to set up each piece of equipment.

My Fox Home Alarm Ringer

My Fox Alarm Network

The Home Alarm Kit has a smart sensor called IntelliTAG™. Place IntelliiTAG™ on an interior door or window. It detects if someone is attempting a break-in before it occurs—proactive security. I’m impressed it also tells the difference between boys being rowdy in the house and an unauthorized opening of a window. I sure don’t want unnecessary alarms randomly going off, adding to the noise in our house!

My Fox Home Security Key Fob

I like that the system recognizes your family (or designated someones) so you don’t have to fiddle with disarming the system when you get home. You just use the MyFox Key Fob to let yourself in and the app recognizes who is coming and going.

My Fox Security Camera

With smart product integrations you can establish all sorts of connected living possibilities. For example, choose the temperature in which you are most comfortable and the Nest Thermostat can go into “Home” mode to make it happen. The Hallelujah Chorus can herald your home arrival!  Well, music can start playing on Echo.

Boys Looking on Camera

There’s also a MyFox Security Camera that works with the app which allows you to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are. The camera’s motion detection triggers an alert to your app when something out of the ordinary happens. There’s a remote controllable privacy shutter so you can turn the camera on and off whenever you’d like.

My Fox Security App

Other benefits? A battery backup, so no worries about a power outage. The camera can be moved so it can serve as a baby monitoring device, too. And ever wonder what your pet does when you’re gone? Now you’ll know!

The HD camera has night vision and wide-angle lens. You see everything, plus the two-way microphone lets you stay in touch with family when they leave/return home. That feature alone should convince working parents to install the MyFox system. No more worrying if kids made it home safe—you can see (and talk to) them in real time as they arrive home. Talk about peace of mind! MyFox is an easy way to add proactive security to life.

Interested? MyFox has introduced two new bundle packages online for savings on multiple key fobs and sensors. Visit them on their website to learn more!

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