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Potty Training Tips #KandooPottyTraining

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Potty training can be a real challenge — and completely overwhelming to some families. When I first started potty training Sam, I think it stressed both of us out. Thankfully, I learned to relax and let him learn and get comfortable at his own pace. Once he felt more comfortable and understood what was happening, he had it down in no time. I still miss the days of itty bitty Sam — but I sure love having a big boy! Around the time that Sam potty trained, he was becoming more and more verbal. Being able to watch his imagination blossom and have conversations with him is so much fun. Each phase is full of rewards when we slow down and enjoy it — even potty training!

Kandoo Potty Training Tips

With help from great products like Kandoo, the job can be even easier. Here are some of the Moms Check In crews’ favorite potty training tips…

Jenni: Potty training can be so difficult, especially for boys. Our best tip is to have a rewards system in place, whether it’s stickers, candy, or money! Also, being consistent is key. One thing that really worked for us was buying character underwear. Pick a pack or two of their favorite characters and they’ll wanna be BIG kids then!!

Amanda: I have to say patience is the best thing you can have when potty training. My son was definitely on his own time when it came to potty training. When he decided he was ready and comfortable, potty training was a breeze. Hang in there Moms! It will come!

Stephanie: While potty training Sam, we learned that patience was key. Rushing it or pushing Sam beyond his comfort level just didn’t work for us. By allowing him to go at his own pace, we were able to encourage him to check out the potty and then become comfortable using it. Once he felt comfortable, we were able to establish a routine and reward system that led us to success!

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