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Improving Your Cat’s Health

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It seems a lot of people either love dogs or they love cats. Me? I love them both, but because life has been so busy, I wasn’t certain I wanted to be a pet owner again, at least not right now. After much conversation (read: begging by an irresistible little boy) and shifting my work base to home, Mike and I decided we would become a dog family again. It was a good decision because we’re all enjoying our Cassie.

Improving Your Cat's Health

When I was still single, I had a cat named Bailey. Or maybe I should say, she had me. She was my baby before I had my baby. If you’ve ever had a special pet, you know what I mean. I loved Bailey’s soft, silky coat. I think having her on my lap was some kind of therapy for both of us! She was a wonderful combination of affection and independence. I was frequently away, working on my career at that time and Bailey did just fine while I was gone. But when I was home, she loved my caresses and staying close to me. She practically talked, without a word of English!

I still had Bailey when I met and married Mike so she became “our” cat. When she started to pee outside the litter box, we totally called it her bad “cattitude”. Come to find out, poor Bailey actually had a health issue. We felt like the worst cat owners when we learned the truth.

When you know what to look for, one of the most recognizable signs of a lower urinary tract disease in cats is they begin urinating outside of their litter box. They’re not showing jealousy or being naughty—it’s not a “cattitude” at all! Bailey had enough food and water and she had safe spaces, all of which can help prevent lower urinary tract disease in cats, but in retrospect maybe she didn’t have the just-right nutrition she needed. That taught me the importance of taking your pet cat to the veterinarian for an exam. The vet’s expertise on the proper diet and environmental factors can make a huge difference in your cat’s quality of life.

Improving Your Cats Health

Are you a cat lover? National Cat Day is coming up on October 29. Royal Canin is celebrating with a twitter party from 8-9 PM. Kitty on the lap and a chance to win one of the more than $1,000 in prizes….purr-fect!

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