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How to Make Scheduling Easy: TeamSnap

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How to make scheduling easy.

School is out and summer is rolling—you’d think that would mean more time for chillin’. But if your household is anything like mine—baseball. Swim lessons. Play dates and hanging out. Organizational skills must not take a vacation! Mama cannot sleep! I’m not sure I could keep up with the schedule if it weren’t for my TeamSnap app. Bet you’re going to want to try it, especially with the free four-month trial they’re offering. Thanks for making my life easier and thanks for sponsoring this post TeamSnap!

Baseball Tournament

Basketball is my favorite sport but I’ll watch my favorite player, Jorryn, no matter what he’s involved in. I’m discovering his current baseball passion comes with a long season, lonnggg hours in the sun and lots of games.

I have the sunburn to prove it.

Game Day

But he’s having a super time, my littles are happy to play with other younger siblings, and there are some great parents to kibitz with as we cheer our guys on.

We have an awesome group of coaches working with our team. They put in lots of hours plus there’s the coordinating of practice and game logistics. I’m learning baseball includes a lot of re-scheduling because of rained out games. Ugh.


Part of what makes everything run smoothly is TeamSnap. That’s how we all stay connected. I love how the e-mail, text, and instant alerts keep us all on the same page and arriving at the right game, in the right uniform color, at the right time. Phew!

Summertime Baseball

It’s also how we know who is responsible for snacks and beverages on any given day. I appreciate how all the contact info is right where you need it to be. And with the roster/photo capability, it’s a great way to connect names and faces, especially at the beginning of the season.

Jorryn’s football team used TeamSnap, too, so I was already familiar with using it. He’s also been on teams that didn’t use the app. I don’t know why any group wouldn’t take advantage of TeamSnap—it makes communication and coordination so much simpler. You know it’s a sanity saver or fifteen million coaches, parents, team managers and players wouldn’t be using TeamSnap!

Baseball Season

What it all boils down to is the TeamSnap app keeps track of all the details so parents and coaches don’t have to. It’s easy to use and it really makes life easier.

That’s a real boon for summertime…or anytime!

Summer Baseball Tournament

Try it yourself. Sign up for a FREE four-month trial here, then log in—easy! You don’t even need a credit card for this trial period.

You might even have more time for summer chillin’. A mom can dream…

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