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How to Earn Cash While Shopping

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A few years ago, I became passionate about saving while shopping. I was pregnant with my second son and I was determined to stay home full time. Maximizing the family budget and using coupons became a big focus for me. I found out that I really enjoyed the thrill of finding a deal while grocery shopping, buying toiletries or snagging new clothes.

Ways to Earn Cash While Shopping

Many things in life have changed over the past six years since that initial discovery — but I still love a good deal! 

There are also many more avenues to utilize to save or earn money while shopping. It’s not just about sitting around clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper anymore. I’m able to save both time and money thanks to great apps on my phone like ShopKick

What is ShopKick?

It’s a free to download app that allows you to earn “kicks” (their version of reward points) while shopping. You redeem the kicks you earn for gift cards to your favorite stores. 

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There are lots of great and easy ways to earn these kicks. You can earn kicks by inviting friends to use the app. One of my friends has an upcoming Christmas party and she needs to find white elephant gifts to take. I encouraged her to download the app and check out which items have kicks available right now at her favorite stores.

You can also use these methods:

  1. Walk into stores. Walking in is the easiest way to earn kicks. Look for the walk-in icon next to select stores in the Stores tab of the app. Just make sure your Bluetooth and microphone access are turned on at the store entrance and then open the app to get your kicks.
  2. Submit receipts for purchased items. Earn tons more kicks when you buy select items in store. Select a store from the Stores tab and then tap the receipt icon to see which items have kicks available. When you purchase those items, submit your receipt to get your kicks.
  3. Scan products. Scans are like an in store treasure hunt. Select a store for the Stores tab and then tap the barcode icon to see what scan are available. Find each item in store an use the barcode scanner to earn kicks. 
  4. Link your credit card. Link your Visa and MasterCard and never miss out on kicks! Pay with your linked card at select stores and earn kicks for your shopping. 

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Every  year, I tell myself that I will not wait until the last minute to finish Christmas shopping. But I always do. With only a couple days to go, I am still finishing my shopping. Thankfully, ShopKick makes it possible for me to earn gift cards while I get those last minute gifts. 

I’m heading to out tonight to finish shopping — with ShopKick open to snag those kicks!


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