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How to Create a Party Planning Essential Tool Kit Just Like the Pros

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Planning a party can be so much fun but putting it together is easier with the right tools. Our own Jennifer Carver, of Banner Events, is here today sharing her list of essential party planning tools.  You may own some of these must-haves in your party tool kit, or you may want to think about adding them to your wish list.  Having basics will help make party invitation, décor, games and refreshment prep so much easier!


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1. Paper cutter.  Whether you are trimming tags for a party favor, cutting banners or invitations, a great paper cutter will save you so much time and give your paper items that professional look  (if you are still cutting things with scissors, stop!).

2. Glue gun and extra glue sticks.

3. Sharp pair of scissors. A great pair of scissors is an absolute must!  If you’ve ever tried cutting ribbon with a dull pair of scissors, you’ll understand my insistence.  I like having a regular pair of scissors and a fine-tipped pair for those intricate cuts you sometimes need to do by hand.

4. , 2.25” and 3” circle punches.  Use these to punch printables like cupcake toppers or to create a circle garland.

5. 1/page/8” and 1/16” hole punch.  These are useful for punching holes in tags and banners.

6. Fishing line.  Fishing line is a lifesaver!  It allows you to tie and hang things without a visible trail.  It’s amazingly strong, too, and inexpensive.

7. Safety pins/push pins/straight pins.  I use all of these to attach banners to fabric backdrops and hang various party decorations.  They also come in handy for tacking things down when the weather is windy.

8. Self-adhesive Velcro dots.  Occasionally, you can’t use pins or glue to attach party decorations to a surface and need something a little stronger that is also removable.

9. Glue Dots.  Glue dots are wonderful for hanging décor and securing items to a table to keep them from moving.

10. Double sided adhesive. I love using double sided adhesive to attach beverage labels to glasses, envelope liners to envelopes and securing paper to paper.

11. Stapler. If you’ve ever needed to attach something quickly where access to electricity for a glue gun wasn’t an option, you understand how handy a stapler can be.

12. Twine.  This is great for tying on favors, stringing a banner or even securing décor.

13. Tape (Scotch, Duct tape).

14. Glue sticks.  Fast drying option for gluing items where a glue gun isn’t a good choice.

15. White ribbon. Great for tying together garlands and banners and adding a ribbon embellishment.

16. White platters and cake stands.  Simple and classic, white goes with almost anything.  Use them to display drinks, food and even party favors.

17. Tape measure.  This comes in handy for measuring and determining proper spacing.

18. Apothecary jars.  Fill these with candy, lights or décor to add height to your table.

19. Gold or silver chargers.  Chargers are a great way to dress up a table and add some depth.  They even make paper plates look fancy!

20. Tablecloths in basic colors (white and black).  You will use and reuse your tablecloths.  Owning vs. renting will save you a great deal of money.

As with any job, having the proper equipment greatly helps in party planning. Put together your own essential party planning tools and you’ll be ready to celebrate!

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Jennifer Carver

As the mother of 4 children, 3 of whom are busy boys, much of Jen’s free time is spent at the ball field, brushing up on video game terminology and building Lego towers. Jen is the owner and creative mind behind Banner Events. With a passion for event planning & party styling and an obsession with the little details that take an event from ordinary to extraordinary, Jen wakes up every morning excited to get to work.