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How to Become a Champion for Kids #FillTheCart

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Now that school is in session, Sam is loving first grade! After the flurry of back-to-school preparations, I’m guessing most of us have now settled into new routines. It’s an exciting time for most kids, but not every child has the resources they need. Want to help make a difference in someone’s life? The #FilltheCart program with Champions for Kids is an easy way to do it.

How to Become a Champion for Kids

Ever heard of Champions for Kids? I hadn’t until just recently. It was founded in 2004, in response to the escalating needs of children in many communities. Let’s back up while I relate the story.

On her way to work, Adelaide Schaeffer received a phone call from her local high school. It was two weeks before Christmas. It was snowing. The teacher on the phone said there was a young boy who needed a home. His mother had died of cancer, his father was homeless and Daniel lived in an abandoned home. A team of teachers had been providing food, clothing and temporary shelter for Daniel, but now the schools were closing for Christmas and Daniel needed a home.

Adelaide and her husband met Daniel that afternoon. He went home with them. After that day, there were many more phone calls to the Schaeffer household about kids who needed someone.

And that’s the beginning of Champions for Kids. It’s grown into an organization of individuals that believes all children should have someone who cares, a place to belong, hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey.

As the Schaeffer’s proved, you don’t have to be a member of an organization to begin to make a difference. People who care make a difference. Since 2004, Champions for Kids has served over five million kids in all 50 states through in-store campaigns, service projects and community events.

Snack Ideas from Walmart

One way you can become a Champion for Kids is to help meet the needs of local children by buying snacks, school supplies or personal care items from your favorite retailer (Fill the Cart) and donate them. You can deliver them directly to your chosen beneficiary or deposit them in Champion for Kids donation bins. Now, through October 5th, there are 3,200 Walmart stores providing donation bins that you can help fill. A volunteer Community Champion will collect the donations and they will then be distributed to local children by a school or nonprofit organization in your area.

Unique Ketchup Flavors from Heinz

Kettle Chips

To multiply the impact of this campaign, Champions for Kids (along with Kraft Heinz, General Mills, Kettle Brand Chips and Unilever) will award $90,000 to school districts and child-focused nonprofits who collect the most donations. So, you can also make your donations in the name of your favorite school/organization. Visit Champions for Kids for those details.

There’s a great deal of interest in superheroes these days. You can’t say it is just little boy wannabes daydreaming—movie and television producers are well beyond elementary age and so is their massive audience! I think people want to be able to make a super difference in the world—but—we’re just human. So what if you can’t change the whole world? Change the world for one. Get involved. Donate. #FilltheCart for Champions for Kids.

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