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How I Finally Got a Good Night’s Sleep

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I’ve always loved to sleep.

Well… maybe not always

Apparently as a baby, I wasn’t too fond of naps. 

But don’t worry… I outgrew that. Now I love sleep. Like… L O V E.

Especially since becoming a mama, I’ve realized how truly precious good rest can be. 

Kids laying on serta mattress

Fellow parents, I’m sure can relate. You have some moments with your wee ones when you think you will never ever sleep again. (Trust me, you do).

Serta SleepToGo Mattress

When I was pregnant and Rowen and Dax were small, I distinctly remember thinking that I would never rest again and I was doomed to always being completely exhausted. 

I’m happy to report that phase has passed us. 

But our days are still insanely busy, so that means I still crave sleep in a big way. I need my rest to function in all the capacities that I need to!

Serta Mattress for Families

When I had the opportunity to partner with Serta for this post, I jumped at it. (Much like my little guys love jumping on the bed… but I digress). 

Serta SleepToGo Mattress for Family

The Serta SleepToGo 12″ Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress is amazing. It’s the new”out of the box” Serta product in club and online at Sam’s Club and boasts top-of-the-line technology. 

Plus, it’s a great price — $450 less than the leading mattress in a box! 

I ordered ours online with Sam’s Club. The entire ordering process was a breeze and it arrived really quickly. You can find Serta SleepToGo exclusively at Sam’s Club or SamsClub.com.

The boys helped Ryan bring it in and set it up. They loved watching it open and “puff up” — it is pretty cool. 🙂 You can watch us open it.

Best Mattress in a Box

They were also helpful getting the bed made. Mhmm. 😉 

After a few nights sleeping on the Serta SleepToGo, I remembered all the reasons why I love curling up in bed so much. It’s the perfect haven to re-charge after a long day. 

Whenever I’ve gone a chunk of time without high quality sleep, I’m reminded why it’s so important. I get so foggy headed and short tempered. Small tasks frustrate me and I don’t have the mental energy to problem solve. 

And when you’re a wife, mama, and business owner… those things are a necessity! 

A good night’s rest can give you a whole new perspective on a situation. Good sleep makes everything seem better. 

Best Family Mattress from Serta

Now, my little sister is pregnant. I have sympathized with her often in the last few weeks about sleeping and how difficult it can be while pregnant. I remember those restless nights all too well. 

I knew I had to tell my sister about the new mattress and share it with her. Growing my new little niece is hard work and I want her to get the best quality rest she can!

She was equally impressed and noticed a huge difference in the level of sleep she was getting after swapping out her old mattress for the Serta SleepToGo

She said it provides really great support for her pregnant body and is helping her rest much more comfortably. I’m so glad!

I feel that the value and quality of the Serta SleepToGo can’t be beat. If you’re looking for a new mattress, start with Serta. Remember, you can find it in club or online with Sam’s Club. 

Best Sleep on Serta SleepToGo

Don’t lose any more valuable rest, increase your standard of sleep and check out Serta SleepToGo now! 

How I Finally Got a Good Night’s Sleep

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