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Homemade Father’s Day Gift

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I’ve been wondering what to do for Father’s Day this year. I’ve been really wanting to surprise my husband. Gift giving guides would have you believe that dads want ties or golfing products for Father’s Day, but that’s just not us. I want to go with something from the heart.

Homemade Father's Day Gift Idea

Like many families who take pics of their kids, we routinely snap photos. I’m thinking this darling framed message will make a great Father’s Day gift idea that we can hold onto forever.

Father and Son

When you’re the kid, you just naturally take your parents’ presence for granted. They tell you they love you, but when you become a parent yourself there are sure a lot of epiphanies!

Motherhood changes you in a lot of ways but fatherhood can also be transformative. Watching how great my husband is with our kids has strengthened my love for him.

Seeing his patience when I know he is dog tired after a long work day is inspiring. He still loves to capture the kids on his lap for bedtime tickles and snuggles.

Good Night with Dad

My husband commented (a little wistfully, I think) the other day that before we know it the kids will be too big to crawl into our laps. Those everyday little wonders are just as much of a big deal to Dad as they are to Mom.

Johnson's Bedtime Baby Lotion

Johnson's Bedtime Baby Lotion

Rather sheepishly my husband said he loves that freshly showered and lotioned little guy smell the boys have before bedtime. Products like Johnson’s® Baby Lotion do the trick!

Best Dad Ever Photos

I think this framed Father’s Day gift is going to help capture this special moment in time.

While he was out, I had the boys hold “Best Dad” and “Ever” signs that I had stealthily made the night before.

I chose to go with black and white photos as I love the timeless quality and the way they look against the frame.

It turned out so cute! And the boys are so excited to be giving it to their dad.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

What I love most about this Father’s Day gift is that it is something we can keep forever.

There’s something so appealing about seeing your mate fall deeper in love with the children you’ve had together. The love and care my husband shows for our family has made my respect for him sky rocket. I want this to be one of the best Father’s Days yet!

Father's Day Ideas

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