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Healthy Snacking with Sprout

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When I was growing up, we always ate well, but there wasn’t much talking going on about organic food and pesticides. That all changed when I was teenager because my dad and little brother had some health issues and our family went on a quest to conquer germs and disease. That’s when I became aware of terms like non-GMO, sustainable practices, and the benefits of eating organically. So of course when I became a mom, I was prepped for feeding my babies real, honest, pure ingredients, like you find in Sprout® Organic Baby Foods.

Shay at Valentine's Day

Shay is my youngest little man. All three of my boys are a great combination of rough-and-tumble, with a good dose of brotherly love and affection, but Shay is definitely our cuddle-bug. He always wants to do what big brothers are doing and he expends a lot of energy keeping up on his shorter legs! He is quite a little talker, too. He speaks volumes with his voice and his big brown eyes.

Cowboy Shay

All of that energy output is matched by Shay’s appetite. The child can eat an amazing amount of food! I look at his little body and marvel at where he puts it all. I never leave the house without my purse and the diaper bag being stocked with something for Shay to eat—and we’re a busy family and frequently on the go. The Sprout® Organic Toddler Snacks have been life-savers during grocery store runs, trips to the library, watching brother at football and countless other activities.

Sprout Organic Toddler Puree

Shay Enjoying Sprout

I’m so glad to have a product that I can feel good about giving to Shay, whether we’re home or away. Sprout® Organic Baby Foods is the only baby/toddler food that has no additives, fillers or artificial flavors in any of its recipes. If you read ingredient lists like I do, you’ll find honest flavor names that match the ingredient lists and they are all USDA certified organic and non-GMO. It’s also the only baby/toddler food brand that doesn’t use acid preservatives that can upset small tummies. Add to that stellar list of attributes: Sprout® Organics come in BPA free packaging and they’re easy to tuck into a travel bag. The topper? Shay LOVES Sprout® Organics!

Sprout Organic Toddler Puree Flavors

Shay with Sprout Puree

I think the message that the quality of what we put into our bodies really matters is becoming more mainstream. I appreciate Sprout® Organic Baby/Toddler Foods and I’m happy you can find them in many major retailers, including Albertson’s. You can print a Sprout coupon here.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sprout® Organic Baby Foods. The opinions and text are all mine.

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