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Halloween Make Up Ideas for Boys: Hiccup Mask

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This year for Halloween, Sam has two costumes. One is a white Buzz Lightyear costume he’ll be wearing to school. The second is Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. The darker color is perfect since he’ll be attending an outdoor birthday party at a friend’s farm. He loves the costume — but he’s been fussing with the mask a lot. I decided to try recreating the mask using face paint so that he would still be in character.

How to Train Your Dragon Halloween Costume for Boys #TulipBodyArt

I used Tulip Body Art to create our Hiccup face. With more than 30 years behind them, their comprehensive collections of temporary face and body paints with accents mean we can celebrate in our own personal style. With their wide range of products including Face & Body Paint and Glitter Tattoo Kits, they’re the perfect solution for Halloween this year!

Tulip Body Art

Best Halloween Make Up

Face Body Paint Kit

I’ll admit, face painting an active five year old was not always an easy task but it was so worth it! Sam and I both loved how it turned out. It was easy to apply and simple to clean off when the time came. I’m looking forward to recreating his Hiccup “face” for the party next weekend!

What I Used…

Here’s What I Did…

Clean Face

1. Start with a clean face. A clear surface means your Tulip Body Art Paint will apply easily and stay put.

Outline Mask

2. After Sam’s face was clean, I outlined his mask using brown and black. The brushes included in our kit were easy to use and applied the paint easily.

Fill In

Fill in Face Paint

3. Once the outline was complete, I filled in the mask.

Best Glitter Halloween Make Up

Add Glitter

4. I added silver and gold glitter to match the original face mask.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys

I really love how well it turned out. Sam was quite pleased as well. Tulip Body Art would be perfect for recreating fun superhero faces or to recreate a favorite character’s look like we did. Since masks can be itchy and hot, it’s the ideal solution! I’m excited for Sam to enjoy his birthday party next weekend in full Hiccup garb with this fabulous “mask” painted on!

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