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Great Gifts for Guys: Storelli #InjuriesSuck

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We love the street we live on, as well as the neighbors that go with the houses! It’s one of the reasons we’ve stayed put for almost 11 years. But about a year and a half ago, our next-door-neighbors put their house on the market. They had moved into their home about a month after we moved into ours. They’re older than us, in fact they have kids our age and a grandchild the same age as Sam. So they’re experienced home owners. Being first time homeowners, it’s not an exaggeration to say that Mike and I had no idea what we were doing. We found out if we went next door, we would get our answers. Those neighbors knew everything—in that good way.

Great Gift Ideas for Guys

When the sold sign went up, we were sad. Our neighbors sold their house to a younger, single guy. I’m pretty sure I thought he would be a punk when I saw him that first time (man, I am getting old!). That thought couldn’t have been more wrong! Muoi has also been a great neighbor. He and Mike have a lot in common and hang out quite a bit. That is especially convenient when I need Mike out of my hair so I can write and take blog photos! He and Mike carpool together, too. And his dog is Cassie’s best friend. He visits Cassie and me almost every day.

ExoShield Head Guard from Storelli

Because Muoi won’t take any money for gas, we wanted to get him something to say thanks. He is very active and plays soccer in a league so we decided to gift him with some of the Storelli line of performance gear. Their lightweight protection is proven to reduce on-field impact—you want to keep a good neighbor when you find one!

Storelli was founded by and for soccer players and they are definitely the next-gen protection solution. They manufacture head-to-toe protection for every position. The head of their design team applied his extreme sports background into the design of the performance gear. The Storelli team built proprietary foam combos into their stealth design that is impact resistant, flexible, lightweight, military grade, stealth, and anti-bacterial. Pretty impressive!

Storelli Head Guard

Muoi said wearing the gear gave him more confidence on the field.  He commented that the gear is lightweight and he felt it offered extreme impact resistant protection. He was wearing the ExoShield Head Guard and BodyShield LegGuards. The head guard is not a silver bullet against concussions, but third party testing has confirmed that the ExoShield Head Guard significantly reduces the force to impact, to covered areas.

BodyShield Leg Guards from Storelli

Muoi really liked the leg guards because they didn’t need tape or constant adjustments to keep them in place. He said they have an excellent fit and they’re very comfortable—their design really makes sense.  He stated, “I couldn’t even feel them under my socks!” He really liked the ankle protection, too.

Storelli Leg Guards

How about you? Have any soccer players in the family you want to protect? Whether you’re suiting up your kids or the guy next door, Storelli offers 15 products under two lines: BodyShield and ExoShield. People say they like the design of this protection and even forget they’re wearing the products, except for the fact that they move with greater confidence.

Storelli is on a mission to protect the minds and bodies of athletes with their radical design, constant innovations and creative solutions. I’m on a mission to keep a good neighbor!

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