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Getting Kids Active: Little Tikes Jr Jump ‘N Slide Inflatable Bouncer

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We are finally emerging from winter: it was long and cold and it’s over! Yipee! We’ve gotten quite a bit of rain this past week and the results are marvelous. There are buds starting on the trees and the grass is beginning to turn green again. Our entire family is delighted.

Beautiful Day

Yesterday afternoon, we could hardly wait to get outside. Could that sky be anymore beautiful!? I told the boys when I got home from work we were going to open their new Little Tikes Jr Jump ‘N Slide Inflatable Bouncer. After being cooped up all winter, they need to get outside to enjoy the fresh air and be active. There are few things as fun as watching your kids run wild outside.

Getting Kids Active #letsbounce

Little Tikes encourages kids to use their imaginations and enjoy imaginative play. The Little Tikes Jr Jump ‘N Slide Inflatable Bouncer available at Toys R Us is the perfect addition to our yard — and yours!

Opening Little Tikes Box

Little Tikes Blowing Up

The boys could hardly wait to help dad get it out of the box. I was thankful that set up was easy and quick. There is nothing worse than complicated instructions when you have anxious little people waiting.

Zane in Box

While Domingo laid out the bouncer, Zane and Shay played in the box. Typical kids, right? Brand new toy and they’re in the box. The box quickly lost it’s appeal once we had inflated the bouncer. They couldn’t wait to get inside!

Boys Playing on Little Tikes

At first, Shay was a little nervous about the slide. With a little encouragement from big brother, he was comfortable in no time.

Zane on Little Tikes

Shay Playing on Little Tikes

Shay on Slide

Watching them jump, run and slide together was so much fun. It was a great way to keep them busy while enjoying the gorgeous weather.

As the boys played, I couldn’t help but think what a fun addition to a party the bouncer would be. It would be so much fun to have kids take turns to bounce and play. It would also be great to burn off all the sugar from the birthday cake. Hehe.

Zane Playing

Be sure to visit Little Tikes on social media as well. They have amazing products available that your family will love this spring and summer!

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