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Getting Healthy in the Kitchen #StraussWaterBar

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This year, I am really focusing on making our kitchen better. It’s all part of how much I want to focus on my own health. As an admitted workaholic, and someone who feels pulled in all directions, I have put it last on the priority list for far too long. I feel like our kitchen needs to be a place where I feel inspired to make more healthy lifestyle choices and right now it’s far from inspiring. 

Strauss WaterBar

Because I am going to be blogging full time as of June, we have to take a more frugal approach than we would have a few years ago — to ease through the transition. We installed an island in January and are working on some storage solutions to allow us to keep healthy foods on hand. Then, on Thursday, we added something amazing to the room: a Strauss WaterBar. (Just look at that gorgeous T7 model in white on my countertop!)

I’ve been eyeing having a Strauss WaterBar for a while, because the company has distinguished itself as a “convenient, stylish and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled, filtered and tap water.” On demand, you can get either a delicious cold glass of water or hot water for tea or cooking. So when the opportunity to do an ambassadorship for Strauss WaterBar came to me, it was a dream come true. Throughout the year, I’ll keep you apprised of how it’s fitting into my life and my quest to improve my health.

Right now, we’re already loving the convenience it offers. We immediately got rid of the filtered pitcher of water we had in the fridge (which freed up a lot of space) and have put our electric kettle and pod coffee dispenser (which we had been using for hot water) away. This unit does it all and it looks way more stylish than anything we previously owned. 

One of the most unexpected benefits is that I am drinking more water already. I’ve mentioned before that Mike and Sam are excellent at keeping themselves hydrated but for me it’s a struggle. I hate the taste of water. It has to be cold and taste fresh or I can’t even stomach it. I’m already up to four glass a day. I am beyond thrilled right now. I think the fact that the water I am drinking water that has undergone a triple filtration and purification process — which kills 99.9% of micro-organisms and bacteria and absorbs the chlorine that can be (at least partly) blamed for impairing the taste of drinks — is what is making the difference. 

The other thing we’re loving is how quickly we can get our tea and oatmeal (do we sound old? LOL). Mike and I drink A LOT of tea and eat a lot of oatmeal. And the on-demand hot water feature is SO. AWESOME. I look forward to really diving into the rest of the features over the coming weeks.

Strauss WaterBar - Amazing Hot and Cold Water On Demand

Win a chance to get your own Strauss WaterBar

Use the #StraussWaterBar and follows the company on Twitter or likes on Facebook has a chance to win their very own. See the full rules and regulations.

See the Strauss WaterBar in Person

This weekend, you can check out the Strauss WaterBar in person at the Green Living Show in Toronto on March 27, 28 and 29. The company will be at Booth 424.

Strauss WaterBar

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