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Get a Boost: Win One on One Job Coaching

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Tracking PixelI’m excited to share this great information with you sponsored by Fifth Third Bank.

When I graduated from university, I would have loved an opportunity like this contest Fifth Third Bank is hosting for recent grads. My four-year degree is in Public Relations. I was fortunate to land a PR job while I was an undergrad—I began working in the field and stayed with it right through university. That great career foundation helped me when I graduated and began applying for jobs. Plus, one of my strengths was writing a great resume so I could get an interview…but I struggled with the interviews. I tend to be self-conscious—and especially back then. A job search coach would have been fabulous. I would have loved having help to step outside my comfort zone. Think of all the angst I could have avoided!

Get a Boost with One on One Job Coaching

Recent grads (up to 1,000!) are being offered an opportunity to enter the Fifth Third Bank Brand of You contest for a chance to win personalized job coaching from NextJob (worth $1,000 each). That means Fifth Third is gifting $1 million to help graduates promote themselves and find jobs! During every week of the contest, 80 winners will work with a NextJob coach. Are you familiar with NextJob? It’s a national employment company whose proven job coaches help job seekers increase their chances of landing the jobs they want—faster and more effectively.

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We all have our strengths—and weaknesses—job search coaches help candidates through the entire job search. They help refine a job contender’s resume and social media profiles, which increases the chance of winning an interview. They also coach candidates on interview prep as well as help uncover the 50% of jobs that haven’t been posted*. Plus, all coaching is virtual.

According to Robert Meier, President of Job Market Experts, on average, 200 people apply for every job opening. Can you guess how many actually land an interview? Only 2%! Since half of all job openings aren’t even posted online, recent grads who have not developed a huge network in the business world often need help knowing where to take those first steps to establish a career.

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Many candidates have great qualifications but NextJob coaches help job seekers package their unique qualities to help contenders find that terrific job faster. NextJob states that people are nearly three times more likely to get a job with job search help than going it alone. What a boon to the real world newbie!

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Who do you know that could benefit from this super opportunity? This is what they need to do to enter: tweet why you deserve free one-on-one job coaching from NextJob. Use #BrandofYou and #53enter. You can enter 1 time per day. Up to 80 winners will be selected per week until July 20. Additionally, everyone who enters this contest gets access to NextJob’s proprietary online training toolkit.

Fifth Third is also hosting a Twitter Event where NextJob coaches will provide real time feedback. Check out the event details.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fifth Third Bank, written by one who is extending congrats to the recent grads!

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