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Gardening at Home

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This is the first spring since we moved to our new house. There are all sorts of beautiful flowers and bushes around the house and in extensive beds in the backyard. The previous owners loved to garden and we are the happy beneficiaries of their talents.

Gardening at Home


I’ve never gardened. And neither has my husband. And I’m learning you can’t just let it grow unchecked. I’ve even considered digging everything out and just leaving the big trees and grass.

Mantis Tiller Instructions

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Mantis Tiller for Gardening

Tiller from Mantis

Among all those pretty growing plants are sprigs of somethings that I’m sure aren’t supposed to be there. Domingo and I have been nominating each other for what appeared to be a huge weeding job.  But no one accepted the position of head gardener the last I checked. Shouldn’t that be a guy job? I always figure any job I don’t want to do falls in my husband’s domain. 🙂

Mantis Tiller

My alternate plan was to at least act like I was going to help with weeding and while we were both outside, the kids would probably call they needed me inside. And that would be the end of my weeding.


Till Soil at Home with Mantis

Easy at Home Tiller

I got hooked once I started working! We have this new tool. It’s a Mantis tiller. I was told it does wonders in flower beds and gardens. And it does!

Mantis Easy to Handle

The Mantis tag line says “expect big things” but I didn’t really know what to expect. We have the electric tiller. It’s quiet—I didn’t want to have to wear ear protection—and it is super-simple to start. You just push a button. It’s easy to use and even though it’s lightweight, it’s really powerful. The tines (don’t I sound like a pro?!) are curvy and they dig right into the dirt so you can get rid of nasty weeds and yet you can get the Mantis close to existing plants (and fences) without doing any damage.

Gardening at Home

I see in the Mantis literature that they also have all sorts of attachments for their tillers. Who knows? We might need to aerate or dethatch our lawn (our neighbor says it’s good to do). I’m not really sure what it means though!

So maybe I’m going to like this gardening thing after all. Using the new Mantis is certainly easier than digging up all my landscaping. Truth told, all the pretty flowers and shrubs look better than dirt and grass anyway. And I do have three boys. Don’t boys always grow up loving to mow lawns and do yard work? Before they become husbands? 🙂

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