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High Quality Free Stock Photography for Bloggers

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Get 70 Gorgeous images for your blog…for free!

One of the most important things a lifestyle blog can have is excellent photography. It sets a mood for your blog and entices followers to read your posts. But let’s face it, for a variety of reasons — including time, cost and logistics — it’s just not possible to have original photography in every post. This is where gorgeous stock photography that bloggers can use comes in.

Free Stock Imagery for Bloggers

A lot of people ask me where I get my images for Spaceships and Laser Beams. My husband, Mike, is a talented photographer and he is awesome about helping me with photos for the blog, but for some reason he can’t be a full-time staff person for me — unless he omits sleep from his life! Enter: Bigstock.
I’ve found that even a well-written blog with great content might never get the attention it deserves. Remember the old adage of “a picture is worth a thousand words”?  Good imagery can be the difference between a post being overlooked vs having the post go viral on Pinterest or Facebook and getting thousands of views. On Spaceships and Laser Beams, this post here is the perfect example. As soon as I switched out the image, views began to skyrocket. In fact, it’s been pinned hundreds of thousands of times.

I find a lot of my images on Bigstock. It’s a paid service BUT they have an affiliate program they just sent me that allows anyone who signs up with my link to get 14 FREE DAYS to download 5 images a day. That equals 70 FREE images — more than enough to start an excellent image library for your site. If you still need photos after that — one of the best things I like about Bigstock is their stock photography is very reasonably priced — many options are below $1! But it doesn’t look like complete cheese the way a lot of low priced stock photography does. 

Your Blogging To Do

1. Sign up for the 14 day FREE trial
2. Download up to 5 images a day that you love
3. Use your 70 FREE images to update old blog posts or use them for new ones
4. Share your posts over social media


If you’re trying to build a library of stock photography for your blog but you don’t have much of a budget for it, I think this 14 day trial is an excellent opportunity. I personally love the site. Want to see how I use some of the Bigstock images? 

Here are three examples (the posts are super high traffic and have made me a lot of money on the blog):

Free Stock Photography for Blogs


I enjoy it when Mike and I have time together to set up everything for a photo shoot, whether it’s a boy’s birthday party dessert table, a stellar recipe, a cute craft or some other idea. But when that just isn’t possible, Bigstock is a super resource. If you’d like to start your own library of stock images for free, here’s the link –>

Happy hunting!


Disclosure: While I am an affiliate for Bigstock, it’s a service I have used almost every single day on my blog for the past three years. I’m thrilled to be able to share the company’s 14 day free trial so you too can build your own library of images.

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