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Free Printable Mother’s Day Card

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As I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, I am being compensated for my participation in this campaign. 

Mother’s Day is just around the corner: May 8. Are you hoping for the royal treatment or is it not a big deal to you?  I feel so fortunate these days that I really don’t want or need much for Mother’s Day. A kiss, a hug and a drawing or card from Sam would send me to the moon!

Free Printable Mother's Day Card

However, I know there are many mothers and families that are in need and a little bit of support for them can make a huge difference. The work being done by Vitamin Angels is such a meaningful way for moms to help moms.

Free Printable Mother's Day Card

Are you familiar with Vitamin Angels? They’ve been providing vitamins to pregnant women in need and their children under five years old since 1994. A huge number of youngsters have been helped, reducing malnutrition, preventable illness, blindness and death. Vitamin Angels has built a network of over 800 local and international nonprofits globally who work within their communities to help identify gaps in health services for the most vulnerable. Those with the greatest needs are the recipients of the vitamins. This vitamin support for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers helps ensure healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and adequate breast milk.

Vitamin Angels

Right now, go to the Vitamin Angels’ site to share a favorite #momwin moment and mothers in need will receive prenatal vitamins for an entire year for free!

Through May 8th, a sponsor will provide $18 – the cost of a year’s worth of prenatal vitamins – per posted #momwin, up to $20,000. Your #momwin can be a tiny moment or an epic achievement that can mean a lifetime difference for many. What an impactful way to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

If you’re not a mom, you can still help. Just share a #momwin from a mom in your life, or donate $18 to make it possible for a mom in need to receive free prenatal vitamins for a year.

Free Mother's Day Gift Ideas

And if you know someone who is looking for an adorable Mother’s Day card for their own mom, I can help. Just download this free printable. Moms helping moms—great idea!

Through 05/09/16, Sponsor will provide $18/momwin, up to $20,000. See Terms on website for complete details.

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