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Do you have your back-to-school lunchbox ideas all planned—at least for the first couple of weeks? I’’ve been trying out a few new ideas on Sam in hopes of finding combos that he’’ll actually eat when he’s on his own at school. I’’m not quite sure how he developed into such a picky little eater. We went through all of the introducing new foods to baby just fine. But as he’s gotten older— you know, that ripe old age of six, —he is very opinionated about what is agreeable and What Must Not be Touched. He is growing just fine physically and mentally so I’’m not too worried about it, but packing lunches can be a challenge.

One thing I know he’’ll always enjoy is finding a note tucked in his lunch bag. I came up with these cute, boy-worthy printables that you can download for free. There’’s room on the back if you want to write something extra…like “”Be sure to eat your lunch. Love, Mom.””


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