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Toys for Boys: Christmas Gift Idea 2013

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It is truly incredible to watch Sam’s imagination in action. He is blossoming more and more each day as his confidence and speech skills grow. One of my favorite parts of listening to Sam play make believe is hearing him encourage his toys to do the right thing. It’s one of the ways I know what I tell him is actually sinking in! Recently, we were talking to Sam about sharing with his friends. A few nights later, I heard him encouraging his toys to share with each other as well. {I also heard him put them in 3 minute time outs when they didn’t, LOL} It’s nice to know he was listening when it didn’t seem like he was. When I’ve been choosing toys for him lately, I have been selecting those that I think will encourage his imaginative spirit and I have been thrilled with how a few of his newer toys have really appealed to that side of him.

Awesome Christmas Gift Idea for Little Boys

For a while now, Sam has a fascination with firefighters and policemen — and their respective vehicles. In fact, his third birthday theme was a fireman theme and his fourth birthday was a policeman theme. So, the Imaginext Rescue City Centre has been the perfect toy for him because it has both a police station and a fire station as well as respective action figures for both. It’s actually party of a new line of toys that focus on Ed Venture — a dino warrior, fireman, and knight. {And I thought I worked long hours!}

Best 2013 Christmas Gift Toy Ideas for Boys

Some boys really come pre-programmed to rescue. And Sam is one of them. The Imaginext Rescue City Centre has provided hours of entertainment and story lines already. Sam loves to create tales full of heroes rescuing and working together {he’s also more than obsessed with making them go up and down the elevator, haha}. He loves the little fire truck that comes with the Rescue City Centre and has tons of fun just pushing the fireman and police officer figures around the house before they head to their next big rescue. Lately he’s been partnering Ed Venture up with some of his superhero figures and saying that the fire truck is the car for heroes. I am over the moon that he sees a fireman on the same level as the Caped Crusader.

Great Toy Idea for Boys this Christmas

The new Rescue City Centre features great touches like a gas station, gates, a hotel, and jewelry store. There is also a fire station, police station and hospital. I love all the realistic touches including an elevator, X-Ray machine, fire truck, street lights, and flags. Sam keeps taking them off and rearranging them and it has become part of the fun. I keep them in a little bag now so that he can pull out what he wants and nothing will get lost.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

Imaginext works to empower kids by providing age appropriate action and adventure. These added features made the entire set feel real and grown up to Sam… without being overwhelming with violence. 

I’m excited to hear Sam’s stories continue to grow. I love to watch him lost in a world of toys and imagination. And I love any play set that will sweep him away to another world to play.  

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