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Favorite Things: Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Even though it was almost five years ago, I still remember when Sam was born like it was yesterday. The old adage that time flies when you’re having fun is so true! Looking back, I can remember all our preparations and planning as we got ready to meet him. I was so nervous as I got ready to be a first time mother — I wanted everything to be just right. I needn’t have worried — being his mama came naturally and was much easier with the help of some of my favorite products. 

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Now, when a friend is getting ready for a baby, especially her first, I always think about those nerves as we prepped for Sam. I love putting together a memorable baby shower gift that includes all the items that made my life easier. It’s a great way to love on a new mom and help calm her nerves. I always took comfort in help from “veteran mom” friends since I knew if they did it, I could too. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Diaper Genie Refills from Target

One of my favorite ways to “wrap” baby shower gifts is inside a cute suitcase. That way, it can later be used to store papers and memories in one easy place. Once I have the suitcase picked out, I head to Target for my favorite gifts to include. Sam loves to help me shop! I tuck my favorite wash cloths, blankets, a nursery themed picture frame and my favorite: Diaper Genie refills. Among my friends, a Diaper Genie is one of the most popular gifts. Any of us who already have children know what an amazing product it is so it’s the perfect gift to give. I love including the Diaper Genie refills in my gift because I know how handy it is to have extras ready to go. {Let’s be honest, little babies are super cute and super stinky! You don’t want the whole house to be smelly.}

Shopping for Diaper Genie Refills at Target

Diaper Genie Refills at Target

Playtex Diaper Genie

Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

I love that right now, while supplies last, when you purchase three or more varieties of Diaper Genie at Target, you can receive a $25 Spa Finder Wellness gift card. Just take your receipt and head to this website to redeem. It’s another great way you can pamper a new mom — or yourself! You’ll also want to be sure to visit Diaper Genie on Facebook and Twitter for all their latest news and offers. 

Your turn: where is the Diaper Genie in your house?

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