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Easy Toilet Paper Airplane with SCOTT® Products

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This morning, I came to the awful realization we were low on toilet paper in our house. This warranted a pit stop first thing this morning to rectify the issue. I was able to stop at Kmart and take advantage of their deal on SCOTT® products happening through Saturday, the 26th. Check out Kmart’s Shop You Way Rewards for great coupon offers on Scott Tissue products this week!

scott paper towels craft idea


scott 1000 toilet paper

scott flushable moist wipes

SCOTT® products are excellent for all the tough jobs my family has to offer. We all know that boys are messy and provide an endless amount of clean up opportunities. 🙂 I need a durable, comfortable product to use in both the kitchen and our bathroom that gets the job done right. I’ve started leaving a package of Scott Naturals® Flushable Moist Wipes in the kitchen as well as the bathroom since discovering what a great job they do at removing stickiness from fingers after snack time! 

scott toilet paper in the bathroom

scott makes easy clean up

As soon as we had an empty roll of toilet paper, I suggested to Sam that we do a craft. The SCOTT® Paper Towels are the perfect aide during arts and craft time, so I knew we’d have fun and I would have minimal clean up.

toilet paper airplane

Here’s what you’ll need for these fun toilet paper airplanes:

  • empty toilet paper roll
  • paint, in the colors of your choice
  • paint brush
  • water {to clean the brush}
  • glue
  • popsicle sticks {you’ll need 4 for each plane… two small and two large}
  • SCOTT® Paper Towels

scott paper towels

To Make:

  1. Lay out your paper towels to catch any spills or paint. 
  2. On top of the paper towels, lay out your popsicle sticks and toilet paper roll. 
  3. Using the brush, let your kids go wild painting their toilet paper rolls and popsicle sticks. Sam stuck with basic colors, but older kids would probably like to do designs or use stickers as well. 
  4. Wait for everything to dry, then use the glue to adhere the “wings” and “propeller” to the “plane”. 
  5. Once dry, let your kids have fun! 

kids craft ideas

kids craft ideas with scott paper towels

paper towel airplane craft idea for kids

Clean up is SO easy as all I had to do was pour out the water and bunch up the paper towels. My table stayed nice and clean, although I can’t say the same for Sam. Thankfully, I had some moist wipes handy to get him cleaned up too! 

Your turn: what’s crafts do your kids love to do with items around the house?

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