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Easy Family Halloween Costumes

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Easy family Halloween costumes.

Remember when you used to get the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I was pretty sure I wanted to be a teacher from a very young age but I sure had fantasies that were in no way related to blackboards and chalk. Last weekend I got to act out one of those fantasies. Thanks to Savers for making a forgotten dream come true, and thanks for sponsoring this post!

Easy Family Halloween Costumes

Growing up, every year my sister and I had a great debate about our Halloween costumes. Mostly I wanted to be a princess but for some reason that costume never materialized.

I’ll admit to masquerading as a hump-backed old woman complete with warts. Then there were the years when I morphed into a beautiful belly dancer (loved getting to wear eye make-up), Annie Oakley, a mermaid (I could hardly walk in the costume!).

Heck, once I was even Zorro—that mask, cape, and sword combo does some spectacular transforming!

That’s the fun of Halloween. You can try out all sorts of personas.

So last weekend Ryan and I took the boys to Savers (it’s also called Value Village or Unique in some areas) to pick out Halloween costumes and we had a blast! Our whole family ended up with costumes.

Dragon Make Up for Family Costume

Talk about making family memories—I think Ryan and I had even more fun than the boys!

What’s so cool about Savers is their great mix of costumes. You can be anything with their selection of DIY mix-and-match costume pieces and licensed costumes. Choose bright and cheery characters, funny animals, mythical creatures, dark shadows, or eerie somethings.

Princess Knight Dragon Family Costume

Especially unique is their selection of brand new costumes and accessories as well as an endless inventory of used costumes and clothing. Not only does it open up possibilities, you don’t break the bank.

We ended up going with a family theme. I finally got to unleash my inner princess…

Ideas for Family Halloween Costumes

…with Ryan as my own handsome, hero knight. Amazing what a little hair and over-sized pecs can do for a guy!

Family Halloween Costumes

He has to save me daily from tough little dragons.

Princess Knight Dragon Family Costumes

When those little toughies saw me in my dress, Dax’s jaw dropped and he said, “Rowen, Mom IS a princess!” As if it was new information. Huh!

Ryan’s shirt was from the gently used section, but the hair, sword, and fake chest were from the new Halloween section. We chose the boys’ dragon wings and make-up from the new Halloween section, too, but we found their shirts and pants in the used section.

Easy Family Halloween Costumes

And the dress I fell in love with was previously loved, but the gloves and crown were from the new department.

There are trained Costume Consultants to help you find just what your imagination dreams up. The lady that helped us was SO nice and very helpful.

Savers stocks costumes for all ages and sizes, from baby to adult. There is also a section of “Alter Ego” custom-made costumes to fit many body shapes. They feature elastic waist bands and a variety of flattering lengths. There are even pet costumes!

And you can find Halloween home décor, too.

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Check out Savers/Value Village/Unique and learn where you can find their closest store. It’s so worth taking the whole family! We are definitely going back to our Savers. Why should all that dress-up fun be limited to one autumn evening?  I’m thinking costume pieces would make a spectacular Christmas gift too!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Savers. The opinions and text are all mine.

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