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Dream Vacation: Family Cruise

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I was asked to participate in the #SailAwayFromHome campaign, sponsored by Carnival. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Some of my best memories include family vacations over the past few years. Mike and I have always loved traveling… and thankfully, when Sam came along, he fit right in! He’s always been an excellent sidekick on our adventures. Especially now that he’s gotten older — at seven, he’s able to more fully enjoy the experience and participate in more activities.

Dream Vacation: Family Cruise

We’ve been blessed to go on multiple cruise vacations over the past few years. These are truly some of my favorite moments together! From the relaxation to the food to the entertainment, a family cruise offers something for every member of the family so we all have an incredible time. Last year, we went at the end of October and celebrated Halloween on the ship. I have to admit, playing dress up as a family was fun!

Halloween on a Cruise Ship

I was intrigued when I heard about a new show starting: Vacation Creation.  It’s produced by O·C·E·A·N by Carnival Corporation and is airing on the CW. It immediately brought to mind our many great memories from our own vacations abroad cruise ships. You’ll want to check your local listings and watch with your family, because the stories they’re presenting are wonderful!

In the first episode, the hosts introduce us to the Geoghegan family. After several years of health issues for the dad, a first time family cruise becomes the perfect way to connect and build memories together.

Best Family Vacation Ideas

The family finds themselves aboard the Royal Princess in a suite that is truly breathtaking. With amazing views and comfy decor, it’s easy to see how you’d feel right at home. While the kids enjoyed their activities, Will and Robin were able to have a couples massage. After several stressful years dealing with medical issues, I can imagine it was a real treat!

As a foodie, I loved watching the family prepare a traditional Greek meal together. I love sampling local foods wherever I travel — and having the opportunity to create your meal is really wonderful. I loved that the family worked as a team to create their meal. Sam and I spend lots of time in the kitchen together and I know how fulfilling that time can be. Cooking makes great bonding!

Stephanie and Sam on Vacation

The vacation continued with dance lessons for the entire family… plus a really special surprise for the entire family. You’ll have to tune in to see it!

After seeing the fun that the Geoghegan family had, I would love to book my own vacation! The Carnival Corporation portfolio offers a superior cruising experience with their ship size, cabin type and itinerary. It’s easy to see how it could be the perfect family vacation that we would all enjoy.

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