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Cool Gift Ideas Boys Will Love: Custom LEGO Canvas

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Want to catch a little holiday spirit? Hang out with a six-year-old! There is nothing ho-hum about Christmas with a little guy around. Sam is getting SO excited! I love it.

Sam’s Christmas list is a hoot. I’m not certain why he NEEDS more, but among other things, he wants a bazillion new LEGO and superhero items—typical boy, huh? That’s why I know he’s going to like the new piece of art I had made for his bedroom: a canvas photo of some of his LEGO superhero mini figs. He not only recognizes every character, he also knows their voices. 🙂

Cool Gift Ideas Boys Will Love

One day while Sam was at school, I pulled out the LEGO bins and made the mini figs stand at attention while I took a few photographs. Then I uploaded one into PhotoBox so they could print my image onto a canvas. They can print your images on canvases, books, calendars, mugs, pillows—and all sorts of things—for a really cool, personalized gift.

LEGO Gift Ideas

PhotoBox offers a comprehensive online service that includes printing, storing and sharing digital pictures. With PhotoBox you can pull your photos from your mobile phone, social media accounts (like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+), Dropbox, tablet or computer. Think of the possibilities.

LEGO Decorating Ideas

LEGO Decorating Ideas

Superhero LEGO

Those special moments from birthdays to everydays that we all capture can be morphed into a customized gift! For example, I can imagine doting grandparents might like having their tea in a cup embellished with a photo of their grandkids. Or remember a special moment by having a picture of the occasion transferred onto a keepsake. How about personalizing a phone case or a journal? That would keep a memory alive. There are placemats, mouse mats, snowglobes, key chains and all sorts of possibilities.

Ideas for Decorating with LEGOs

All you need to do is go to PhotoBox, choose a product, personalize it with your photo, checkout securely and your personalized product choice will be shipped to you. Order Christmas gifts right away for gifting you can get excited about. Nothing ho-hum about that!

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